Is GigSmart Legit

GigSmart is a Legit Resource for Gig Workers and Employers 

gigsmart-admin | Apr 02, 2021

What is GigSmart?

GigSmart is a staffing company that connects businesses looking for talent with individuals looking for work through its Get Workers and Get Gigs apps. GigSmart was founded in 2016 to connect anyone who was looking for labor to those looking for work. Spanning all types of industries, including construction, retail, hospitality, and even residential use cases, GigSmart’s two-sided marketplace apps facilitate requests between both sides of the labor economy to get more done. With over 800,000 active GigSmart Workers completing Shifts across the U.S., GigSmart provides a fast and cost-effective way to complete work.


How Does GigSmart Work?

GigSmart connects businesses and workers. With GigSmart, you can post free Shift Gigs that allow you to quickly fill Shifts, scale your workforce, or place extra hands on deck. Requesters post Gigs and workers review, apply and work the Shifts of their choosing. 

Find Workers with Get Workers

Get Workers connects you with local workers for any job. You can use Get Workers to source workers who can fill Shifts across all industries and positions, promote your open full/part-time positions on the GigSmart Job Board, or find local professionals who can complete any residential task or project. 

Find Work with Get Gigs

Get Gigs instantly connects people with local job opportunities – from Shift Gigs to permanent full/part-time positions. With a free Get Gigs account you can easily find and apply to Shifts in your area across multiple industries including warehouse, construction, food service, retail, hospitality, delivery services, and more.

Is GigSmart Really Legit?

Yes, GigSmart is legit and we are a major player in the gig economy. GigSmart provides people with flexible work and income – from temporary, Shift Gigs to full-time work – and supplies businesses with great workers on a daily basis. GigSmart provides a complete hiring solution to help its requesters and workers better connect with each other to get more work done.


Our great technology and growing GigSmart community enable us to connect you with workers at affordable rates. There are zero upfront costs. Requesters can post Shift Gigs free of charge, and you only pay a small fee after the Shift Gig is successfully completed. Advertising open full or part-time jobs on the GigSmart Job Board starts at just $90. When compared to other solutions, GigSmart’s value cannot be beaten.


Create free Shift Gig posts and start reviewing worker applications in just minutes. Get Workers is designed to help you fill Shifts, fast — even same-day. Whether it’s warehouse workers, delivery drivers, general laborers, merchandisers, data entry clerks, servers, dishwashers, cooks, or event staff, GigSmart is designed to connect you to available workers ASAP. Nearly 75% of all Shift Gigs are filled in 3 days or less, and half of those Gigs are filled in 24 hours or less


Ratings and reviews are essential to the GigSmart community. They help to build a sense of trust, accountability, and credibility for both the requester and workers. Each review helps requesters decide who to hire and enables workers to choose where they want to complete work. In fact, a higher number of positive reviews is correlated with higher earnings. With GigSmart, every worker is rated and reviewed. GigSmart gives requesters access to a pool of pre-qualified, vetted, motivated, and reliable workers at a moment’s notice.


The best part is all eligible workers hired through Get Workers are insured (protected by GigSmart’s OAI coverage), which means potential accidents that might happen on-site won’t affect your business insurance policy or raise your premiums. You can also hire stress-free knowing every GigSmart Worker is covered by our One Hour Worker Guarantee. If someone’s not a good fit, send them home and we’ll refund you for their time. Should you need background or MVR-checked workers, we handle that as well. 

Reliable Payment System

GigSmart uses Stripe, a secure and trusted third-party payment processor. Stripe processes all credit card payments made within our Get Workers and Get Gigs apps. Stripe is a premier payment processing service used by other two-sided marketplaces like Uber and Airbnb.

Wide Range of Industries

Whether you want to hire workers or complete work in an office, hotel, food-related industry, promotional events, or more – the opportunity exists through GigSmart. The key industries we serve include staffing for warehousing, construction, restaurant, landscaping, moving, delivery services, retail, and more.


GigSmart Helps Connect Employers and Workers Nationwide

Companies like Thistle, Doordash, and Big T Movers use Get Workers to meet staffing needs. We serve large and small businesses, along with residential users, nationwide. From managing and growing a business to completing projects at home, we help people get stuff done whenever and wherever it’s needed. 

What Businesses are Saying

“GigSmart is my preferred – and only – temporary worker source.” Gani, Owner, National pizza franchise

“I am very satisfied with the work completed by GigSmart workers and the excellent work to cost relationship.” Robert, Owner, High End Construction

I needed someone today for a very last-minute job, and GigSmart hooked me up with a great worker in a matter of minutes. Thanks!” T.J. G.

What Workers are Saying

The first thing I loved about Get Gigs is how user friendly it is – I was able to sign up in minutes. I added my profile photo, background, and references and found my first job that same afternoon.” Bobby S.

“The same day I downloaded the Get Gigs app, I applied and was hired for a moving gig.” Nathan S.

“An incredible app. Nothing else like it. I’m just so impressed with the volume of high-paying opportunities on this platform. Can’t recommend it enough.” Mdt96

“I would like to thank the developers of Get Gigs for being so smart and creating such an awesome platform to use for temporary work.” Teresa S.

“GigSmart was my lifeline. It gave me a chance to earn a living and put food on the table for my family when I didn’t know how I could.”  Donell R.


Get Started with GigSmart Today

Is GigSmart for you? Only you can answer that question, but if you want to hire great workers or earn money, we think you’ll like it. Getting started is easy.

Looking for workers?

  1. Sign up for a free Get Workers account.
  2. Enter some details about your business.
  3. Post temporary or permanent jobs.
  4. Review and select preferred applicants and get work done!

Looking for work?

  1. Download the Get Gigs app and create a worker profile.
  2. Browse available work opportunities near you.
  3. Apply and accept jobs instantly.
  4. Get paid fast.

That’s it — everything you need to know about using GigSmart’s apps and taking advantage of the benefits of working in the gig economy. We’re here to help, so if you need any further support, please do get in touch.

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