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5 Factors that Give Businesses the Best Chance of Hiring Success

GigSmart | Mar 26, 2021

Finding great workers shouldn’t be hard work, but we know it can be. Fortunately, we compiled data from thousands of completed Gigs to pinpoint the factors that are most influential when it comes to hiring success. Here are 5 key contributors that determine a business’ success when hiring Shift Gig workers through Get Workers, ranked by order of importance. 

1. Reviewing Applicants


An increased number of applicants means a longer candidate selection process. 


With hundreds of thousands of GigSmart workers located across the country, we hope your Shift Gig receives an abundance of great applicants. Although we have simplified this process by giving you standardized worker profiles to make reviewing their applications easier, we know it can still take time. 

In most cases, once you have 5-10 applicants, we have found that closing your Gig to new applicants helps you be more successful when hiring. To do this, toggle the “Accepting New Applicants” button off. Closing your Gig to new applicants can be beneficial once you’ve received a sufficient amount of applicants as it will prevent additional workers from applying, reducing the number of candidates you need to review before you choose to hire.

2. Setting an Appropriate Hourly Pay Rate 


Having an hourly pay rate that is too low fails to attract workers.


From Gig data we’ve collected over the last year, we know Gigs that have an hourly pay rate between $14 and $22 have the highest success rate, depending on the type of work required and the location of the Gig. Finding the pay rate that is right for your Gigs will help contribute to the number of workers who apply. 

If you have too few applicants, consider increasing your hourly pay rate by $1 to $2 to see you can generate additional interest. If you’re still unable to attract qualified applicants, you may want to consider changing or modifying other characteristics on your Gig, like the desired skills, Gig title, or description.

3. Adding Skills 


Adding too few or too many skills to your Gig post can prevent the right workers from applying.


Get Workers connects you to workers across 3,000 different skills. We recommend adding between 1 and 5 relevant skills to your Gig to hone in on workers with skill sets that are most closely aligned to the Gig you’re trying to fill. When you add skills to your Gig, GigSmart workers with matching skills are notified once your post is live. Adding too few skills limits the potential number of workers who will match to your Gig; adding too many skills may confuse workers as it will limit the number of candidates who feel like they possess every skill tied to your Gig.

With your skills, we recommend adding a detailed and clear description outlining the requirements and responsibilities of your Gig. This will ensure workers have a good understanding of what’s needed to complete the Gig, helping increase your chances of creating a reliable pool of applicants to choose from. 

4. Evaluating Gig Add-Ons


Gig workers are looking for a frictionless and flexible way to find work with limited barriers. 


At GigSmart, we set out to create the most inclusive platform for finding and hiring local workers. Which is why we give you the option to add worker Background Checks, Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) checks, or both to each of your Gigs. 

With these optional checks available to you, we recommend adding Background Checks and/or MVR Checks only when you absolutely need to. Forgoing these Gig Add-ons removes barriers for workers, maximizing your candidate pool in order to drive the highest number of potential applicants to your Gig.

5. Your Gig Date  


Gig workers prefer immediate opportunities.  


Get Workers gives you the ability to source workers ASAP or for Gigs up to 30 days in advance. Our data shows most workers on our platform are ready to start working as soon as possible. We’ve seen the highest hiring success for Shift Gigs that are posted with up to 7 days notice. 

Get Workers was built to help you identify workers as soon as possible. Nearly 75% of all Gigs are filled in 3 days or less, half of those Gigs are filled in 24 hours or less.

If you need to hire workers more than one week away, we recommend posting your Gig early as it will give you a longer runway to connect to applicants. However, don’t be alarmed if you don’t have any applicants until your Gig date gets closer. If it’s within 7 days and you still haven’t found the right worker to hire, consider changing any of the above factors as we know those influence the overall number of applicants.

Hire Smarter

We designed Get Workers to make finding and hiring workers a simple and affordable process. Based on the data we’ve collected, we recommend reviewing pay rate, requested skills, Add-Ons, and date to maximize your hiring success.

If you’ve already posted a Shift Gig on Get Workers, rest assured you can always edit and optimize your post to attract more top talent. Need to edit the hourly pay-rate? No problem. Add additional skills? Easy. If you need help at any time, our Staffing Support Team is standing by. Our job is to help you find great workers, right when you need them. 

Figuring out how to leverage the flexible workforce for the first time can be tricky. The more you post, the more you learn. Get comfortable with the gig economy and the platforms, like Get Workers, that support the contingent workforce. 

GigSmart gives you the tools and resources necessary to help you learn how to navigate the Get Workers platform to increase your chances of finding top quality workers for your Gigs. As you become more familiar with posting, offering, hiring, and managing workers, the likelihood of you finding repeat workers and completing more Gigs increases. Get Workers requesters who have posted over 10 Shift Gigs have a 39% higher success rate when hiring compared to first time requesters. So if you want to increase your overall hiring success rate, keep posting on Get Workers.

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