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How to Hire, Manage, and Pay Hourly Shift Gig Workers with Get Workers

Jenay Sellers | Sep 14, 2020

So you’ve successfully created your first Shift Gig, congrats! Now it’s time to learn how to hire, manage, and pay your workers.

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Hire Workers

Once you’ve created and posted your first gig, you’ll be taken to the gig workers screen. From here you can see your gig applicants as well as a toggle bar that allows you to continue to show or hide your gig to new applicants. Closing your gig to new applicants can be beneficial once you’ve received a sufficient amount of applicants as it will prevent new worker application submissions.

To review the workers who have applied to your gig, click on each individual worker card. You’ll be able to see any responses they have provided in the optional application questionnaire, as well as review other details in their profile, like their references, education, or work history.

From here, you can message worker applicants to ask them questions about their application. Or you can provide them with additional information about working the gig, like special instructions for arriving and departing.

Once you find a worker (or workers) you’d like to hire for the gig, select hire. GigSmart will automatically notify the worker you’d like to hire. The worker will show in an offered state and GigSmart will take care of confirming the worker is available and interested in working your gig. As soon as the worker accepts, they’ll show in the app as hired. At this time the actual address of your gig will be shared with the worker. Outside of hired workers, the gig address will always be kept private.

In addition, you can see how far away hired workers are from your gig location in their worker card. And you can safely use the in-app messaging and calling features to directly contact each of your hired workers to confirm any final details as they pertain to working your gig.

Manage Workers During Your Gig

Once the scheduled time for your gig has arrived, it’s up to you to manage each hired worker for your gig. As a reminder, you can always use the in-app messaging features to directly text or call your workers should you need to speak with them to answer any questions or confirm any final gig details.

Prior to the gig start time, the GigSmart app will automatically prompt workers, reminding them to let you know they’re on their way. Once the worker arrives, they can notify you by marking their arrival in the app.

Each worker works on a gig clock, which means you’ll need to start their time at the beginning of your gig. Once started, you can manage each individual worker during the gig. You can pause them (or they can pause themselves), message them, extend their gig time, view their timesheet, or end their gig clock.

If you need to adjust the gig time, you can use the Extend Time button to add 30-minute increments to the worker’s gig clock. If the worker completes the gig before the end gig time is reached, you can use the End Worker button to stop the clock. If your gig ends but there is still more work to be completed, you can always use the Adjust Total Time or Edit Timesheet buttons to ensure the worker is properly compensated for their time.

Complete the Gig

Once your worker has completed the gig, you can manually end the gig, or the gig will automatically end once the gig end time is reached. Don’t forget, you can always use the Extend Time button during the gig to add extra time to prevent the worker’s gig clock from ending.

Once completed, you’ll be taken to a summary screen where you can review all of the details of the worker’s timesheet before submitting final payment. If you need to make an adjustment, you can select the Edit Timesheet button to update the gig start time or end time, or to add any unpaid breaks. For example, if a worker pauses their clock and forgets to restart it, or if you forget to extend the gig time and the gig automatically ends before the worker has finished working, you can adjust the worker’s timesheet as needed.


Alternatively, you can also use the Adjust Total Time button to update the worker’s timesheet altogether. This option works well when you know the exact amount of time a worker worked and you’d like the app to calculate the worker’s payout. Once you’ve updated the Total Time, the worker’s total funds will be reflected.

Lastly, you can use the Add Money button to add additional worker payment at your discretion. This can be used to reimburse a worker for supplies they purchased to complete your gig, gas money, or to leave a tip (in the form of gratuity) for a job well done.

Other Options for Paying Workers

If you forgot to start a worker’s time clock, don’t worry. You can use the Pay Without Timesheet button to make sure each worker is properly paid. To access this functionality, the worker’s gig clock cannot have been started. You’ll need to select the individual worker in order to see the Pay Without Timesheet option. Once selected, you can update the total time worked by entering it into the Estimated Time Worked section, or you can update the worker’s total hourly pay to enter the amount you’d like to pay them for completing the gig. If you do choose to pay a worker without a timesheet, you’ll also be able to add additional payment (like a tip) before reviewing and submitting their payment as final.

No matter how you choose to pay your worker — by a traditional timesheet, by entering total time worked, or by using the pay without timesheet functionality to pay a flat amount — once you’ve submitted their payment you’ll be asked to provide a worker rating ( from 1-5 stars). You can also leave an optional comment to share more feedback. These required ratings are important because they help us ensure we continue to provide high-quality workers on our apps. Once you’re happy with your rating and review, select Submit to complete your gig.

Congratulations, you’ve just reviewed, hired, and completed your first GigSmart gig!

Top Tips

Now that you know just how easy it is to use GigSmart to find and hire skilled workers on-demand, here is a recap of our top tips for managing your gig workers:

The gig address

The Gig location always remains private until you’ve hired workers for your Gig. Once a worker is hired, the Gig address will be available to them.

It’s on the clock

Worker payment is most-typically calculated using a gig clock. The timer starts as soon as you start each worker for the gig, and the gig will automatically end once the gig end time has been reached.


The Get Workers app makes it easy to communicate with workers once they apply to your gig, all the way through gig completion. In addition, once a worker has been hired for your gig, you can use the in-app calling feature to safely contact them. (We’ll mask your phone number so your personal information remains private.) No matter which method you prefer (texting or calling) we recommend double-confirming all of the details of your gig so that your workers can do a great job.

Need to give your worker a break?

If you have a worker who needs to take a break, get some food, or take care of something off the clock, their gig clock can be paused. The worker can pause their clock or you can pause their clock at any time.

You can edit that

If you started a worker late, forget to add an unpaid break, need to compensate a worker for additional time, or make any other changes, you can. Once the gig time ends, you’ll be able to review each worker’s timesheet to ensure it’s accurate. If you forgot to start the clock, that’s okay too. You can use the Pay Without Timesheet button to enter a flat payment amount. (Don’t forget to tap into the individual worker to make sure you can see the Pay Without Timesheet option.)

If you need any help, our support team is ready to assist you at support@gigsmart.com.

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