How To Hire and Manage Gig Workers

Jenay Sellers | Dec 02, 2019

So you’ve successfully created your first Gig, and you have applicants waiting to be hired. In this blog post, we’ll tell you how to hire and manage Workers once it’s time for them to work your Gig.

Hiring Workers

Once you’ve completed the steps to create and post your first Gig, you’ll be taken to the Gig Workers screen. From here you can see your Gig applicants as well as a toggle bar that allows you to continue to show or hide your Gig to new applicants. Closing your Gig to new applicants can be beneficial once you’ve received a sufficient amount of applicants as it will prevent new Worker applications from being submitted.

To review the Workers who have applied to your Gig, click on each individual Worker card. You’ll be able to see any responses they provide in the optional application questionnaire as well as review other details in their profile, like their references, education, or work history.

From here, you can also message Worker applicants to ask them questions about their application or provide them with additional details about working the Gig, like what you’d like them to wear or special instructions for arriving and departing.

Once you find a Worker (or Workers) you’d like to hire for the Gig, select hire. GigSmart will automatically notify the Worker they’ve been hired for your Gig. Once hired, the Gig address will be shared with the Worker. Outside of hired Workers, this address will always be kept private. In addition you can see how far away Workers are from your Gig location in their Worker card.

Manage Workers During Your Gig

Once the scheduled time for your Gig is here, it’s up to you to manage each hired Worker for your Gig. Prior to the Gig start

time, the GigSmart app will automatically prompt Workers reminding them to let you know they’re on their way. Once the Worker arrives, they can notify you by marking their arrival in the app.

It’s up to you to start the Worker for the Gig. Doing so starts the time clock which is also how the Worker’s compensation is calculated. Once started, you can manage each individual Worker during the Gig. You can also request they pause the Gig, message them, extend the Gig time, view their timesheet, or end the Gig.

It’s important to note that you can’t actually pause a Worker — they’ll need to pause themselves from within their app if they are taking a break, having lunch, etc. If you need to adjust their Gig time, you can use the extend Gig time button to add 30-minute increments to the Gig clock. If the Worker completes the Gig before the end Gig time is reached, you can use the End Gig button to stop the Gig clock. You can only extend the Gig time while the Gig is being worked. If your Gig ends but there is still more work to be completed, you can use the Additional Payment button in your Gig summary to make sure the Worker is paid for their additional time.

Completing the Gig

Once your Worker has completed the Gig, you can manually end the Gig, or the Gig will automatically end once the Gig end time is reached. You can use the extend Gig button during the Gig to add extra time so the Gig clock doesn’t expire early. Once the Gig has ended, you can use the Additional Payment button to add optional gratuity for a job well done or add additional funds if some of the Gig time is missing from the Worker timesheet. (Sometimes this can happen if a Worker pauses and forgets to restart or if you forget to extend the Gig time and the Gig ends automatically.)

From this screen you’ll also need to provide a Worker rating (1-5 stars) and can leave an optional comment to share more feedback. Once you’ve completed this section and reviewed the Worker’s total payment, select Submit Gig Summary to complete the Gig.

Congratulations, you’ve just reviewed, hired, and completed your first GigSmart Gig! Now you know just how easy it is to use GigSmart to find and hire skilled Workers on-demand.

As a recap, here are some top tips for managing your Gig Workers:

  • Gig address. The Gig location always remains private until you’ve hired Workers for your Gig. Once a Worker is hired, the Gig address will be available to them.
  • It’s on the clock. Worker payment is calculated using the Gig clock. The timer starts as soon as you start each Worker for the Gig, and the Gig will automatically end once the Gig End time has been reached.
  • Need a break? If you have a Worker who needs to take a break, get some food, or take care of something off the clock, the Worker can pause themselves within their app. Don’t forget to remind them to restart the clock once their pause is completed.

Thanks again for using GigSmart. The Get Workers app is the best way to find Workers for your temporary labor needs.

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