Becky and Ted Catino


In 2016, Becky and Ted Catino co-founded GigSmart. Prior to starting GigSmart, the Catino’s started and sold a Cincinnati, Ohio, based automotive finance company to a New York based private...

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Rich Oakes


Rich joined GigSmart in March of 2017 and currently serves as its President. Prior to joining GigSmart, Rich spent 11 years managing a national auto finance company where he grew...

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Mitch Catino


Mitch Catino co-founded GigSmart and serves as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer. Mitch is responsible for cross-departmental integration of data, product and processes and oversees product ownership regarding...

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Vince Catino, CPA


Vince Catino joined GigSmart in October 2017 as its Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining GigSmart, Vince managed the Financial Planning and Analysis of Clorox’s Emerging Brands department working to...

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Jason Waldrip


Jason joined GigSmart in March 2018 as its Chief Technology Officer. Prior to joining GigSmart, Jason spent 13 years at several startups including iTriage, Brandfolder, CommercialTribe, and KickApps, holding executive,...

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Matt Behm

National Sales Manager

Matt joined GigSmart in March 2019 as its National Sales Manager. Prior to joining GigSmart, Matt built and developed high-performing sales teams in a variety of industries including staffing and...

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Chris Downard

VP of Engineering

Chris Downard is the VP of Engineering at GigSmart. That’s his official title, but if you ask Chris what he does, he’ll say, “I build better, more engaged engineering teams.”...

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Tara Selch

Director of Product

Tara joined GigSmart in January 2019 and is GigSmart’s Director of Product. Tara brings a mix of strategic, technical, and analytical experience to the GigSmart Product Development Team. She is...

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  • Landon Brown@2x

    Landon B.

    Customer Support Representative

  • Robert Black

    Robert B.

    Business Development Representative

  • Cole

    Cole B.

    Senior Account Executive

  • Brandon Bohn

    Brandon B.

    Senior Account Executive

  • Kristin Carter-13

    Kristin C.

    Customer Support Representative

  • Elizabeth Cortes-27

    Elizabeth C.

    Account Executive

  • Chelsea Caulk1

    Chelsea C.

    Customer Support Representative

  • Joshua Dayan-30

    Joshua D.

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Tiffany Elliot-18

    Tiffany E.

    Office Manager & Business Analyst

  • Vin Green

    Vin G.

    Customer Support Representative

  • Anthony Garza-28

    Anthony G.

    Business Development Representative

  • Headshots-03

    Brandon H.

    Customer Care Specialist

  • Headshots-05

    Nicole H.

    Customer Support Representative

  • Gonly-21

    Kevin D.

    Customer Support Representative

  • Joshua Hampton@2x

    Joshua H.

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Deon Idlett-12

    Deon I.

    Customer Support Representative

  • McKenna

    McKenna J.

    Sales & Marketing Operations Specialist

  • Gant Lee@2x

    Gant L.

    Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Jorge Lopez-30

    Jorge L.

    Sales & Marketing Intern

  • Lael McCune-23

    Lael M.

    Customer Support Representative

  • Mary Major@2x

    Mary M.

    Junior Data Analyst

  • bryan - updated

    Bryan M.

    Account Executive

  • ThomasMcGee

    Thomas M.

    Customer Support Representative

  • Rebecca (1)

    Rebecca M.

    Senior Account Executive

  • Stewart Pate

    Stewart P.

    Customer Experience Manager

  • BrandonPedersen-10

    Brandon P.

    Account Executive

  • Candance Parker-23

    Candace P.

    Customer Support Representative

  • Michael Quinlan@2x

    Michael Q.

    Principal Architect

  • Gunnar-22

    Gunnar R.

    Software Engineer

  • Matt Scheidle

    Matt S.

    Business Development Representative

  • Briana Sallis-11

    Briana S.

    Customer Support Representative

  • kate

    Kate S.

    Digital Marketing Coordinator

  • Matt

    Matthew S.

    UX Designer

  • Lorrie Simsen-20

    Lorrie S.

    Account Executive

  • Chris Severin-16

    Chris S.

    Customer Support Representative

  • Tyler Smith@2x

    Tyler S.

    Software Architect

  • Jason Strasser@2x

    Jason S.

    Data Analyst

  • Noah Smith-32

    Noah S.

    Account Executive

  • Phan Su-19

    Phan S.

    Junior Product Designer

  • andrew-profile

    Drew T.

    Software Engineer

  • Josh Washke-15

    Josh W.

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Madison Woolsey-17

    Madison W.

    Account Executive

  • Charles Welch-26

    Charles W.

    Customer Support Representative


GigSmart partners with leading technology companies like Checkr and Stripe to facilitate Worker Verification (background checks and motor vehicle records checks) and Worker payment processing.


Learn more about our partnerships and how we're providing modern solutions for the gig economy by visiting our Partner page.




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