How to Use the GigSmart <> Onfleet Integration

McKenna Janzen | Nov 22, 2022

If you have both a Get Workers and an Onfleet account, you can integrate the two to create a seamless experience that combines the benefits of both platforms.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to integrate the two platforms, hire and manage workers, and efficiently manage delivery operations via the Get Workers <> Onfleet partnership.


Where to link your Onfleet account in the GigSmart platform

There are two places within the GigSmart Get Workers app where you can link your Onfleet account.

When creating a new Shift Gig that requires Travel and/or Delivery, you will see a section asking if you would like to use Onfleet for Delivery Management and Optimization. If you select “Yes, use Onfleet for Delivery Management and Optimization”, you will link your Onfleet account here. Once your Onfleet account is linked, you can optionally select which Dispatcher(s) from your linked Onfleet account you would like assigned to the Driver Teams created by the Shift Gig.

Additionally, you can link your Onfleet account by going to your profile in Get Workers. Once you are on your profile, click on “Organization Management”, then the “Applications” section. From the Applications page, you’ll be able to link your Onfleet account.

How to link your Get Workers and Onfleet accounts

To link your two accounts, you will need to input an Onfleet API Key into your Get Workers app. Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Log in to your Onfleet account
  2. Open the “Organization Settings” tab
  3. Select the “API & Webhooks” tab from the sidebar
  4. Within the API & Webhooks tab, click the “+” on the bottom right of the “API Keys” section
  5. Fill in the API Name field (Suggested name: GigSmart) and select the Access ability as “API key can access all data”
    1. Please note, this is required in order for the integration to work properly
  6. Click “Create Key”
  7. Select and copy the newly created API Key
  8. Go back into your Get Workers app
  9. Press the “Link Onfleet Account” button (in one of the two places listed in the section above)
  10. Paste the API Key into the “Onfleet API Key” input field
  11. Click “Save Configuration” 

 You will only need to link your accounts once and it can be edited at any time.

How to post and hire workers on a Shift that includes Onfleet

When you post a new gig or gig series in Get Workers that includes Onfleet, a Driver Team is automatically created in Onfleet for each shift posted.

The name of the Driver Team in Onfleet will look like this: Gig Start Date at Shift Start Time – GigSmart: Gig Title”.

Likewise, when you hire a worker on a shift that includes Onfleet within the Get Workers platform, they will be automatically added as a Driver to the relevant Driver Team in Onfleet. In order to find a GigSmart worker within Onfleet, go to the Driver Team for the Shift they are hired on and review the drivers assigned to that team.


How to assign tasks in Onfleet’s platform

Once the Shift is posted and workers are hired in Get Workers, click the “Open Onfleet” button at the top of the Shift screen. This will open the Onfleet Dashboard. Here, you will be able to view the Driver Teams and Drivers that were created via the Get Workers app.

First, you will need to assign tasks to the Driver Team (Shift). Once that is completed, you will need to assign tasks to the Drivers on the Driver Team. Since a worker can be scheduled on multiple Shifts, you can have cases where there are many drivers with the same name in Onfleet. Be sure to assign tasks to the Driver Team first and then assign those tasks to the desired Driver on the team to avoid any misassignment of tasks.

After tasks are assigned to the Drivers in Onfleet’s platform, you will also be able to view the assigned tasks in the Get Workers app. Do this by going to the Shift, selecting the hired worker’s detail page, and clicking the “View Tasks” button in the top right corner.

How to manage workers on a Shift that includes Onfleet

Calling and messaging a GigSmart worker through the Onfleet platform is not supported. To call a worker scheduled with GigSmart, you must use the number associated with the Shift in the Get Workers app or send an in-app message.


How to complete a Shift that includes Onfleet

Once the Shift is completed and the timesheets have been approved, the Driver Team and the Drivers on the team will be removed from Onfleet. If there are any Tasks that are incomplete we will unassign the task from the Driver Team and Drivers.

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