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Let’s Talk About Becoming a Preferred Worker

gigsmart-admin | Jun 21, 2021

With over 300,000 users signed up for Get Gigs nationwide, it can be challenging for requesters to know who to hire for their upcoming Gigs. Luckily, we have a Staffing Support team available to help connect great workers to our requesters to ensure no Gig is left unfilled. One way we prioritize Get Gigs workers is based on their status. As a Get Gigs user, you can be marked as an approved or preferred worker in our system. Having one or both of these designations will help you get recommended and hired for more Gigs.

So, what does it take to become an approved or preferred worker? It’s actually quite simple. Read the information below to find out how you can elevate your Get Gigs status so that you can focus on doing a great job at all of your future Shift Gigs.

Approved workers

To become an approved worker, all you need to do is complete 5 key pieces of your Get Gigs worker profile.

  1. Professional photo: Make a strong first impression with a clear and professional photo. Your profile picture is the first thing requesters will see when reviewing your application. We recommend making sure your photo clearly shows your face and is taken on a solid background with good lighting.  
  2. Biography: The introduction section provides an overview of your professional experience and qualifications. A great introduction explains your qualifications, specific skills, what makes you unique, and shows off your personality. 
  3. Education: Highlight your education, training, and certifications to differentiate yourself from other candidates. Include the highest level of education you have received.
  4. Work history: Share background about your prior experience, including your former responsibilities, qualifications, and skills. 
  5. References: References will help validate your qualifications.

Once you have enhanced your profile by completing these 5 sections of your profile, you’re automatically marked as an approved worker. This sets you apart from the competition and increases your chances of getting hired. Ready to take the next step? Once you are approved, you can work your way up to a preferred worker. 

Preferred workers 

Preferred workers are GigSmart’s top-rated and most experienced, reliable workers. When it comes to helping requesters choose who to hire for their Gigs, our Staffing Support team always recommends preferred workers first.

The benefits of becoming a preferred worker

As a preferred worker, you’ll maximize your chances to get hired for each Shift Gig you apply to. Preferred workers enjoy:

  • First priority: Preferred workers get called first when new Shift Gigs go live. As a preferred worker, our Staffing Support team will recommend requesters hire you over applicants who are not preferred. 
  • Repeat Gig opportunities: Requesters love inviting great workers back to work their subsequent Gigs.

How to become a preferred worker

To become a preferred worker you need to:

  • Have an approved Get Gigs account in good standing.
  • Request Preferred Status by applying via this form. Submitting your information will notify our Staffing Support Team. They will review your profile to ensure you’ve added your photo, bio, education, references, and history. Once reviewed, they will follow up with you to schedule a short Preferred worker approval call so you can tell them more about your skills and the type of Gigs you’re looking for. Armed with this information, our team will be able to get you hired at Shift Gigs that are just right for you.

How to stay a preferred worker

To maintain your preferred worker status you need to:

  • Maintain an average rating of 4.6 or higher on all completed Shift Gigs.
  • Have zero documented no call/no shows on all of your Shift Gigs. We understand sometimes you might not be able to make an upcoming Shift Gig. All we ask is that you contact us or the requester, ahead of your scheduled start time, so we’re able to hire another worker in your place.

Preferred workers are on time, professional, and exceed requester expectations. 

Of the hundreds of thousands of available GigSmart workers, only a small percentage are approved and an even smaller percentage are preferred. This means there are lots of untapped opportunities waiting for you on Get Gigs. Becoming a preferred worker will ensure you’re hired for more Shift Gigs, maximizing your earning potential. Request to become a Get Gigs preferred worker today.

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