How to Enhance your Get Gigs Worker Profile to Land the Gig

Kate Scheeler | Jul 10, 2022

To find work with GigSmart, you’ll need to create your account on the Get Gigs app, and complete your worker profile. Creating a great worker profile takes time, but it’s worth it. Your worker profile is the first thing requesters see when you apply to their posted gigs. 

As a reminder, all gigs seeking workers in the Get Gigs app are posted by business requesters or individual requesters, which means any hiring decisions are made by them, not by GigSmart. To ensure you’re setting yourself up for the best chance to be hired, we strongly recommend you complete as many sections of your worker profile as you can. This helps set your profile apart from other workers, so you can land each gig you apply to.

Read on to learn some tips to help make your Get Gigs profile great, as well as more information about what you can do to increase your chances of getting hired.

Introduce yourself.

The introduction section of your profile is where you give requesters a reason to hire you. Keep your description short and sweet. Add a 1-2 sentence overview of your professional experience and qualifications. A great introduction explains your qualifications, specific skills, what makes you unique, and shows your personality. 

Some sample introductions include:

  • “I’m a landscaping professional who has over 3 years of experience.”
  • “I’m a retiree who enjoys customer service, retail, and sales positions. I have great communication skills.”
  • “I’m trustworthy, reliable, and good at following directions. I love working hard and helping others.”

To update your profile, tap the Profile section in your Get Gigs app and click the blue pencil icon right below your name.


Add your work history.

Now that you’re updating your profile, let’s complete a few more key sections. Doing so will help requesters better understand your background which helps ensure them that you’re a great fit for their gig. First, let’s add your work history. Adding this information tells requesters about your prior experience, including your former job responsibilities, qualifications, and skills. Add at least one or more former jobs to your work history to show off your former expertise.

To add your work history, tap the Work History icon from within the Profile Information section of your worker profile.


Provide references.

References give hiring managers the opportunity to validate the quality of work you provide. As you start working Shift Gigs you will also gain ratings and reviews which will help to further validate your qualifications and stand out from the crowd. We recommend adding at least one reference who can vouch for you. Whether it’s a teacher, coach, former employer, or another requester you’ve completed gigs for, adding references gives new requesters the opportunity to confirm you’re a good fit for their gig. 

To add references, tap the References icon from within the Profile Information section of your worker profile.


Add education, training and certifications.

Highlight your education, training, and certifications to differentiate yourself from other applicants. We recommend including the highest level of education you have completed and any special certifications or licenses like a TIPS certification, PMP training, or a CDL.

worker profile


Update your skills.

GigSmart uses skills matching to connect you to local gig opportunities in your area. When a gig is posted seeking any skills you’ve added to your profile, you’ll receive an instant notification. We highly recommend adding 6-10 skills to your worker profile to maximize your potential to match to open gigs, ultimately increasing your chances of getting hired.

To add more skills to your worker profile, tap the Skills icon from within the Profile Information section of your worker profile.


Get verified.

Verified workers can apply to verified Shift Gigs. Verified Shift Gigs require workers to have completed a worker background check and/or motor vehicle records check in order to apply to the gig. You can opt-in directly from your Worker Profile in the app to enroll in verification for background checks and MVR checks. It’s free! To learn more about verification, click here.


Start Applying!

Now that you’ve created a strong worker profile, you’re ready to start browsing and applying to local gig opportunities. You can apply to work hourly Shift Gigs, full or part-time positions, or residential projects

Having a complete worker profile will help set you up for success, but remember, every gig is posted by a requester, and who they hire is ultimately up to them. If you miss out on one, don’t get discouraged. Hundreds of new gigs are added daily, across a wide variety of industries, providing ample opportunity to find (and land!) the right gig.

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