How to Hire a Handyman

McKenna Janzen | Oct 22, 2020

It can be a challenge to complete commercial and residential repair or improvement projects. Researching workers, gathering quotes, comparing prices, checking references, and interviewing potential workers takes time and effort. Using multiple companies or specialized individuals for each project can become tedious – and expensive. With a handyman, you can complete multiple tasks in one day, for a small fee.


What Can a Handyman Help With?

The better question is, what can’t a handyman help with? A handyman is a skilled professional who can complete a wide range of minor repairs or home improvement projects in a single visit. A handyman’s scope of work might include painting, window repair, installation, mounting, plumbing, appliance repair, electrical work, flooring, carpentry, general upkeep, and other home repairs.

Temporary workers are ideal for the never-ending list of home improvement tasks that you just can’t complete or don’t have time to do yourself.


How to Find a Qualified Handyman in Your Area?

Finding a qualified handyman can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. When you have exhausted your family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations, try GigSmart. It matches businesses and residential users with hundreds of thousands of qualified workers nationwide. You can even book a handyman on the same day and have all your work completed before you pay.

First, you will need to create an account and free Shift Gig post. Then you’ll be asked to select the position and qualifications needed for your Shift. Begin by selecting your job category and then select the position, like handyman, installer, painter, carpenter, repair, and more. Workers with matching skills will be notified as soon as you post your Shift.


Helpful Tips to Hire a Handyman

While you’re searching for the right person for the job, keep these tips in mind:

Gather Information

Once you’ve found a worker you’d like to learn more about, you can click their name to view their profile. The more research you do, the better your results. Take the time to look at a worker’s profile information. Applicants with the most complete profiles have put in the effort and will be more likely to show up, be professional and do excellent work.  Look for a professional profile photo and bio, qualifications, and relevant experience on jobs that align with your handyman projects. For example, an electrician license, a plumber license, or a painting certification.

If you have received multiple worker applicants, begin comparing their profiles.

Trust the Reviews

View the worker’s ratings and reviews from previous Shifts. GigSmart doesn’t edit reviews and workers cannot delete them. Read all of the reviews, good and bad, to get a full overview. This can help you determine which worker is the most qualified for the task and who you’d like to hire. We suggest hiring workers with high ratings and positive reviews whenever possible.

Organize and Prioritize

Be sure to get organized and have a plan for your handyman prior to your Shift start time. Prioritize your list of projects so the worker knows where to start, what to work on next, and what they need to finish before the end of the Shift. The worker will be able to complete tasks faster if they have clear expectations from the start. After the worker is finished we encourage you to check their work before submitting payment to make sure it’s complete and done to your satisfaction.


Why Hire a Handyman on the Get Workers App?

There are many benefits of hiring a handyman on the Get Workers app. With GigSmart you can find, hire, manage, and pay workers all through the app.

Save Time

Hiring a qualified professional provides convenience and saves you time. As a homeowner, you know there is always something that could be fixed or improved, but who has the time? A qualified handyman can tackle your to-do list and more in a single visit, saving you the time and stress of doing it yourself. Forget coordinating with multiple workers from different companies that complete one project at a time.

Save Money

With GigSmart you don’t need to gather quotes and compare prices. Hire a handyman at the pay rate of your choosing and you only pay for work completed.

Tools and Safety

You don’t have to buy or rent expensive tools. Hire a handyman that already has all the tools and equipment necessary for your projects. Furthermore, using tools and equipment you don’t have experience using or proper training with can be dangerous. Leave it to a handyman with the knowledge of how to use tools specific to your Shift to get the job done safely.

Ready to tackle your commercial repair or home improvement list with a handyman? Download the Get Workers app for iOS or Android or visit to find and hire a handyman today!

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