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Hire On-Demand Drivers

McKenna Janzen | Oct 27, 2020

From food delivery to line haul trucking and everything in between, we know drivers are essential to keep businesses running. If you need qualified drivers to get from point A to B, GigSmart can help. Providing safe and reliable workers across America is what we do. Consider GigSmart your driver staffing agency and gain access to thousands of background or motor vehicle record-checked drivers.

On-Demand Drivers (of Any Kind) at Your Fingertips

Hiring is a challenge no matter what industry you’re in, but when you’re hiring for positions that require heavy lifting, long hours, and overnight shifts, it can be even tougher. If you’re a business that offers trucking, delivery, or transportation services, you can find and hire safe and professional CDL and non-CDL drivers with GigSmart. We provide flexible staffing solutions for those unforeseen needs, at a pay rate of your choosing. We can fill a wide variety of driving positions, much like a dedicated driver staffing agency, serving any location in America, even same-day. Forget agency contracts and the frustrating temp model. Find temporary drivers ASAP with GigSmart, and experience the power and simplicity of on-demand staffing.

CDL Drivers

Drivers with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) are qualified to operate commercial vehicles including buses, heavy trucks, and more. The truck driving shortage has had a major impact across the US and demand for truck drivers is at an all-time high due to COVID-19 and the transport of essential goods. If your CDL driver list is low, GigSmart has a solution. With thousands of licensed CDL drivers ready to help with all your commercial needs from school buses to semi-trucks, you can access qualified on-demand drivers when needed. If your Shift Gig requires a CDL, you can find workers who have uploaded a valid license to their profile.

Valet Drivers

The hospitality industry faces difficulty in anticipating the number of valet staff necessary for any given week. Supplement your valet employees as restaurants, hotels, and other tourism-based businesses pick back up with on-demand drivers at short notice by sourcing workers in positions such as valet, driver, parking lot attendant, taxi driver, and more.

Heavy Equipment and Tractor Drivers

If you need extra help around the farm, you can find qualified certified tractor and heavy equipment drivers to supplement your staff in the agriculture industry. Tap into our pool of thousands of tractor and heavy equipment workers by adding the following positions to your Shift Gig post: tractor-trailer truck drive, industrial truck and tractor operator, and tractor operator.


Need on-demand commercial or residential movers and a truck? GigSmart can connect you with workers who can load, haul and deliver anything for you. Schedule your move up to 30 days in advance or request on-demand and we can have workers en route in under an hour. Once your moving Shift is complete – pay, tip, and rate your workers all through the Get Workers platform.

Outside the Box, a family-owned commercial and residential moving company in Columbus, Ohio, uses GigSmart to hire extra hands when the need arises. Read their success story here. 

Delivery Drivers

If you’ve ever been anticipating the arrival of a package in the mail, then you know how important the job of a delivery driver is. Find licensed and verified drivers to meet your business’s delivery needs. As seasonal demand spikes, feel prepared knowing you have GigSmart in your back pocket to hire on-demand drivers as online holiday spending takes off.  Add positions to your Shift Gig post(s) such as delivery, CDL driver, and delivery services driver in order to source workers with that experience.

Food Delivery Drivers

Everyone has a favorite meal. Ordering it from your couch and having it delivered to your door is even better. Restaurant owners: provide your customers with quick and reliable local delivery. Drivers empower local restaurants and grocery stores to deliver to their customers, helping them grow and bring in more customers all week long. GigSmart has thousands of qualified delivery drivers from cities across America ready to help make food and grocery deliveries. Pizza delivery jobs are some of the most common Shift Gigs posted and filled on GigSmart.

Tips for Hiring an On-Demand Driver

You have control over every aspect of the Shift Gig – the pay, job description, hours, requirements, and more. Select your workers from applicants by viewing their profiles, ratings, reviews, and more or have our cutting-edge technology help do the hard work for you. Here’s what to look for before hiring.

  • Clean record. Add a motor vehicle and and background checks to your Shift Gig to create a pool of verified candidates.
  • Positive reviews. We recommend hiring applicants who have high ratings and positive reviews whenever possible. This is proof that they have provided excellent work in the past.
  • Proper license for your Shift. If your Shift requires a specific license like CDL, make sure you add that Qualification requirement to your post.
  • Physical capabilities. If your Shift requires specific physical capabilities, make sure you add that Qualification requirement to your post.

Temporary vs Full-Time Drivers

As demand for your business fluctuates, it’s hard to anticipate the number of drivers you will need at any given time. Of course, you never want to hire more full-time employees than you end up needing. Since you likely experience peak sales periods based on time of year or other unexpected factors, you can utilize temporary workers as supplementary staff who can help right when you need it. Hiring additional full time employees is time consuming and expensive. Gig workers can help fill the gaps of your existing staff to meet your demand fast. Better than your typical driver staffing agency, GigSmart lets you choose who you hire, the pay rate, and the date.

Furthermore, GigSmart beats any average driver staffing agency because it’s the most cost-effective solution in the marketplace. With a low direct hire fee, save time and money on staffing full-time employees by test driving the right workers before your hire.

Aside from the cost-savings that accompany hiring temporary drivers over full-time employees, hiring workers on-demand can help you complete more trips, generating more revenue for your business.

GigSmart provides you with experienced and flexible drivers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From moving trucks to pizza delivery and CDL drivers, GigSmart has the workers to meet your transportation needs.  If you’re ready to hire temporary, licensed drivers you can use the Get Workers platform to create a free gig post.

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