Advertise Part-Time or Full-Time Positions on the GigSmart Job Board

McKenna Janzen | Jun 17, 2022

Need to hire workers today? Need temporary workers, part-time employees, full-time employees, or a mix? We can connect you with workers, no matter what your hiring needs are.

In addition to providing a best-in-class solution for sourcing and hiring temporary workers, we’re expanding our capabilities to you, while using your account in Business Mode, to promote your open part-time and full-time positions to our user base of over 650,000 active workers. You can advertise your positions on the GigSmart Job Board to tap into a new source of qualified interested applicants, helping you fill all of your job openings, both temporary and permanent, faster.

GigSmart connects you to the right workers for the right opportunities at the right time.


What is the GigSmart Job Board?

The GigSmart Job Board gives you the means to advertise your open part-time and full-time positions to active GigSmart job seekers.

For applicants, the job board provides an interface where they can discover, learn, browse, and apply to relevant open part-time and full-time positions in their area. 

For businesses that are hiring, the job board provides another channel to connect you with applicants interested in your open positions. 

The GigSmart Job Board offers extensive reach to promote your positions to applicants across industries, backgrounds, and experience, and it is designed to connect businesses with workers quickly and cost-effectively. 

To advertise your positions to our active worker base, you’ll need to post your Full/Part-Time Position. Post plans and pricing are based on duration and boosting options.


What to include in a Full/Part-Time Position post

A well-crafted Full/Part-Time Position is essential to attracting the highest volume of qualified applicants. Posts should clearly describe the available position and detail the requirements for consideration. We recommend including the following:

  • A concise summary of the job
  • A list of the responsibilities and skills required 
  • Information about your company and culture
  • The required years of work experience
  • The minimum education requirements or specialized education requirements
  • Any required licenses or documentation
  • Any physical requirements
  • The payment range or salary details

How to post a Full/Part-Time Position on the GigSmart Job Board

With more than 650,000 active available workers, the GigSmart Job Board drives traffic and qualified applicants to your openings. To advertise a job on the Job Board: Sign into or set up your Get Workers hiring account.

Once you’re logged in, make sure your account is in Business Mode and then select Create, followed by Create New Full/Part-Time position.

Next, you’ll be given the option to create a New Full/Part-Time Position, Repost a Past Full/Part-Time Position, or continue a Full/Part-Time Position Draft. For future use, the Repost and Draft options will be there to help make your posting process more efficient, but for now, we will select New.

Enter the position details, such as title address and description.

Choose how you would like applicants to apply, via your hiring website or company email. For example, as a link or as an email.

Add position compensation to let the workers know what the position pays – you can choose between hourly, salary, or negotiable.

Select your posting plan and/or boost for enhanced visibility. When you choose to boost the post, your Full/Part-Time Position will be prominently displayed at the top of all job board search results (and highlighted in yellow to draw attention). In addition, we’ll send a push notification to all workers within 75 miles of the location of your posting, notifying all nearby applicants with one click. 


Select a payment plan that best suits your business needs and add a payment method. Rest assured you can always extend the post or boost at a later time if needed.

Review to ensure everything is accurate and looks good.

Once you post your full/part-time position, it will be active on the GigSmart Job Board. We drive more traffic to your openings, but you retain full control over your hiring process. 


Track post performance 

We provide real-time post insights, showing you the number of users who have seen your job post, opened your job post, or clicked apply.


Tap into thousands of skilled workers seeking job opportunities right now. Post a Full/Part-Time Position on the GigSmart Job Board. Sign into your Get Workers hiring account to get started.


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