Stay Informed with the new Coronavirus Worker Resource Center

GigSmart | May 27, 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a stressful time of unknowns for all of us. Unfortunately, many Americans are experiencing reduced hours, furlough, and layoffs. In addition to the added stress of all of this change, we want to be sure you have access to any available benefits and resources you qualify for, and we want to make sure you know how to access them. At GigSmart we want you to know we will continue to be a resource to you through this tough time, which is why we have created a COVID-19 Worker Resource Center. Here you will find information on unemployment benefits, FAQs, and many other resources available, specific to the state in which you reside. Beyond consolidating all of the available benefits, we also want to help you get back to work. Read this blog to learn more about how you can educate yourself and connect to potential work opportunities via our new COVID-19 Worker Resource Center.

Access to Resources

As the number of those filing for unemployment continues to rise across the nation, we want to make sure you have access to important resources should you need to file for unemployment yourself. If you or a loved one needs more information about filing for unemployment, please see our Unemployment Guide. In it, you’ll learn more about who qualifies for unemployment, what benefits are available, and how to apply for unemployment.

Beyond helping you navigate the process of filing for unemployment, there are also other benefits available to assist you and your family during this time. From local resources like food banks and shelters to national resources like government stimulus checks, the Coronavirus Worker Resource Center makes it easy for you to see all available opportunities offered in your state from one easy place. To get started, simply visit the Resource Center landing page and select your state from the state search box.

From your individual state page, you’ll see a list of the most common links and resources, as well as a grey box with unique links that are specific to your state. The links contained within include COVID-19 updates, food assistance, rent assistance, utility assistance, and healthcare information. Below the links and resources, you’ll also see up-to-date results for part-time and full-time job openings offered in your area. You can use the search box to make your job search more specific to certain job titles, companies, or industries. If you see an opening that is of interest to you, you can click into it to be taken directly to that hiring company’s online application portal.

Opportunity Awaits

Of course, we also want to help you get back to work. Beyond searching the Job Board for your specific state in our COVID-19 Worker Resource Center, our Get Gigs mobile app gives you instant access to every available work opportunity in your area. Join our growing community of over 170,000 Workers who use our app to receive instant notifications anytime a local Gig is posted matching the Skills listed in their Worker Profile.

If you haven’t created your free Worker account, signing up is simple. Click on the appropriate link to download the Get Gigs app from the App Store or Google Play store. Follow the prompts to sign up, making sure to complete as much of your Worker Profile (bio, work history, education, etc.) as you can. You’ll also want to make sure you add your relevant Skills. This is important because the app uses Skills matching to instantly notify you each time a new Gig is posted that matches your skills. If you’re interested in browsing all of the open Gigs in your area, simply click this link from within your mobile phone to see your Available Gigs list. Apply to the ones you like and wait to hear back on whether or not you are hired.

COVID-19 Help is Only a Few Clicks Away

Whether you’re looking for resources to get through this tough time, or you’re looking for new work opportunities, GigSmart has you covered. Visit our Coronavirus Worker Resource Center to check out what assistance is available in your state. Remember you don’t need an account to start browsing our job board for full-time and part-time positions actively hiring in your area right now. If you have any feedback about our new Coronavirus Worker Resource Center, have a question about finding work, and/or have any other feedback for us, you can drop us a note by emailing

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