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How to Find & Hire Snow Removal Professional for Your Business

McKenna Janzen | Apr 21, 2022

As the winter season approaches and snow begins to loom on the horizon, it’s important for your snow removal business to have the necessary staff to deal with snow that will inevitably fall over the next months. With your clients relying on you for seasonal, event, or per push services – you need to be ready to tackle whatever the winter weather may bring.

But when it comes to finding and hiring snow removal professionals in your area, you may feel a bit snowed-in yourself. What qualifications should you be looking for in a new hire, and do they have the right experience? What interview questions are best to ask potential candidates? Keep reading as we tackle the best way to find your business’ next hire.

When to Hire: Best Time to Hire a Snow Removal Professional

As the popular saying goes, “Timing is everything.” – and this holds true when it comes to deciding when you should begin the search for your next snow removal professional. Once you’ve ensured that your company is generating enough business to justify an additional hire, it’s time to take action. Make sure you leave them enough time prior to their first job to become familiar with your tools & processes, as well as to conduct any training your company may require. After all, onboarding a new employee is as critical in the world of landscaping as it is anywhere else.

Starting the Search: Getting Your List of Qualified Candidates

Once you’ve begun the search, it’s time to set some parameters. Consider the needs of your business, and what you’ll be asking for in an employee. Look for candidates who are familiar with the equipment your business utilizes, such as snowblowers & snowplows. If your company wants to hire a general snow removal professional, the requirements may not be as specific as they would for a licensed snowplow operator. However, if your company primarily tackles snow plowing rather than general snow removal, you will need to ensure all candidates have the proper qualifications for the role. Another critical aspect when you look to hire a snowplow driver is ensuring that they can drive a manual transmission if needed.

In addition to technical experience with the industry tools & processes, you’ll also want to look for personal qualities that make a candidate stand out. Attributes such as a cooperative mentality, focus on work, and the ability to function well within a team will all go a long way to ensuring a smooth operation.

The Interview Process: Screening Your Potential Hire

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of candidates down to a few potential hires, it’s time to ask the hard questions – that is to say, the interview questions. With that in mind, here are a few targeted questions you can ask to help find the best hire.

  1.     What different types of snow removal equipment have you worked with? How long have you worked with each?
  2.     Do you know how to drive a manual transmission vehicle or truck?
  3.     What prompted you to leave your last position, and what led you to our business?


So, the next time you need to hire a snow removal professional near you, keep this guide in mind when beginning your search. By following the tips & tricks provided here, you’re sure to find the best hire in no time!

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