Secrets to Surviving Black Friday

McKenna Janzen | Oct 25, 2019

The most anticipated day of the year is coming. It’s busy, it’s fast, and it’s an all hands on deck event. That’s right…it’s Black Friday. Us GigSmart employees may not all agree that waking up a 3:00 am to go shopping is a good idea (and those that say it’s not are wrong), but we all agree that GigSmart is THE place to go for your temporary staffing needs. 

I know what a lot of you are thinking. “With Black Friday sales extending to online, it won’t be that busy”, “Black Friday isn’t as popular as it used to be”, “I don’t need to worry about extra staffing, my team works the store every day, and I know they’re fast”. Lots of people have these thoughts, but the fact of the matter is, over 100 million people still brave the early mornings and crowds.

Coming from a retail background, and having to work many Black Friday’s myself (and hiring for them), I wish we would have had GigSmart as a resource. You don’t realize how many people you’ll need until sometimes the day before or even the day-of, and it’s usually too late to find any workers at that point. 

With GigSmart, you can get Workers same-day! Watching people walk off the floor because they weren’t helped quickly enough is a gut-wrenching feeling as a retail worker or owner, and with GigSmart, you can make sure you have enough staff to handle the traffic while still maintaining the high level of customer service that you want and know you can provide.

People are also spending more each year, with the average Black Friday total for a single shopper coming in at $1,007.24 in 2018. That’s a crazy amount of money! As a Black Friday shopper myself, I know firsthand that it’s often extremely difficult to find help in-store. In 2017 the NRF survey found that stores would hire over half a million seasonal workers! With competition high for finding great on-demand staffing, GigSmart is a great addition to your holiday staffing solution.

Whether you’re a retail store, restaurant, warehouse, or hotel (because Black Friday is right after Thanksgiving, you’re still busy!), you will have a need for workers. Use the GigSmart Get Workers app in addition to your other staffing solutions to guarantee you are prepared for this holiday season!

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