Keep track of all your Gig earnings with the new Worker Wallet

McKenna Janzen | Apr 30, 2020

In addition to being the only app that aggregates every hourly Gig, part-time job, and full-time job into one place, GigSmart has now made it easier than ever to view, manage, and transfer your hard-earned money to your Get Gigs Worker Wallet.

In this blog post, we’ll show you everything you need to know about the new Worker Wallet, which conveniently displays all of your Gig earnings and gives you more ways to transfer your available funds, so you can get paid faster.

How do I use my Worker Wallet?

Worker Wallet makes it easy for Get Gigs users to manage their money after completing Gigs. As a GigSmart Worker you will have the ability to view your account balance, update your payment information, and transfer funds to your debit card or bank account, all in one place.

As soon as you have funds available, your Worker Wallet will show your account balance. The balance is made up of any payments you’ve received that have not yet been transferred to your bank account or debit card. If you have worked more than one Gig, the Worker Wallet also shows you the total amount of money you’ve made collectively, as well as by each Gig, which means you don’t need to track the individual hours you worked or the rates you earned for each Gig to know how much you’ve earned. With Worker Wallet you can spend less time stressing about your earnings, and more time thinking about what to do with all your money!

Get Paid Faster with Worker Wallet

In order to access your Gig earnings, you’ll need to have a payment method of file in the Get Gigs app. You can add (or update) your bank account or your debit card directly from your Worker Wallet. We recommend adding your debit card because it will give you access to your money faster — like same-day faster. We’ll tell you more about that below.

Once you’ve added your payment info, it’s time for the best part: transferring your funds. As soon as you complete a Gig and your payment is approved by the Requester, your Gig earnings will be added to your Worker Wallet. From there, you can choose how you would like to transfer your money to your account: Standard Transfer and Rapid Transfer. Both transfer options are available to users with a debit card on file. If you choose to connect your bank account, you’ll only be able to transfer your money using Standard Transfer.

Please note: you must choose a way to transfer your funds out of your Worker Wallet and into your bank account or debit card. GigSmart will not auto-transfer any of your Gig earnings on your behalf.

Rapid Transfers are initiated immediately, and as soon as they are accepted by your bank, the money you’ve earned will be in your account. The transfer speed varies by bank, but 99% of rapid transfers are available within an hour and the other 1% are usually available within a few hours to two business days, meaning you’ll have access to your funds faster. To use Rapid Transfer, a small fee of 3% will be deducted from your transfer amount.

If you haven’t used Rapid Transfer before, you’ll need to complete financial verification. To learn more about completing financial verification, please click here to review our Financial Verification FAQ.

If you don’t need your money ASAP, no problem. You can initiate a Standard Transfer, which takes approximately 3-5 business days, at no additional cost. If you select Standard Transfer as your payment delivery method, GigSmart will use the bank account or debit card information you provided to direct deposit your funds into your account. This process takes place within five business days of initiating a transfer after completing your first Gig, and approximately two business days for all transfers initiated thereafter.

No matter which transfer method you choose, the Worker Wallet will also give you access to information about your transfer, including its status and timeline, so you’ll always know exactly what’s happening with your Gig earnings.

You’re in control

Worker Wallet gives you total control over all your Gig payments. You can view the balance of earnings you yet haven’t transferred, track your transfer status, or see a timeline of all of your transfers. And now, you can even decide when and how you initiate the transfer process. You can choose which payment method you prefer, giving you faster access to your earnings.

Are you ready to see your Worker earnings start adding up? Click here to be taken to your Worker Wallet, or if you haven’t yet created your free Get Gigs account, download our app for iOS or Android phones so you can start applying to and working hourly Gigs in your area today.

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