How to Find and Apply to Local Work Opportunities with Get Gigs

Kelly Strain | Jan 14, 2021

Once you have created your account and completed your worker profile click “Browse” to view jobs and apply to work opportunities in your area. You’re in control of when and where you work. It’s possible to start working the same day you sign up!


Get Gigs provides a variety of job opportunities: 

Shift Gigs: Shift Gigs are temporary, hourly Gigs seeking workers with specific skills on a specific date. Shift Gigs can be posted ASAP or up to 30 days in advance. When you work a Shift Gig, your hours will be tracked and your payment will be transferred to your Worker Wallet within the app.  

Job Board: Positions listed under the Job Board are part-time or full-time positions posted by a business. You can click into a particular job post to learn more about the position and apply.

The browse tab allows you to see all of your work opportunities in one place. Easily browse or search your Shift Gigs or full/part-time job posts. The Get Gigs app automatically shows you every applicable Gig or job within 75 miles of your location.

Apply to your first Shift Gig

Once you have carefully read the Gig description to make sure you are qualified, tap Apply to submit your application.

apply to work opportunities

If you are applying for a Shift Gig, follow the prompts to submit your application. 

Note: If you’re applying to a Verified Gig, you’ll need to opt-in to Verification. Verified Gigs require you to pass a background check and/or motor vehicle records check in order to work them. If you haven’t already opted-in, you can follow the prompts to enroll into Verification. Opting-in is free. We’ll run your one or both of your checks after you’ve applied to work a Verified Gig. 

Add a debit card or bank account to ensure you get paid. All Shift Gig payments are made through the Get Gigs app each time you work. Next, complete the application questionnaire to help show the hiring manager why you’re the perfect worker for their Gig. Once you have submitted your application, you can view the Gig under your applied Gigs.

Apply to Jobs on the Job Board

If you are applying to a part-time or full-time position on the Job Board, you are submitting your information directly through to the hiring company’s website or email address and following their application process.

Now that you know how easy it is to apply to work opportunities in your area,  let’s walk through what to expect when you work your first Gig.

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