So You’ve Applied, What Happens Next? 

McKenna Janzen | Jul 11, 2022

Thank you for applying to a gig or job posted in Get Gigs. Curious to know what happens now? Read on to learn more about what you can expect.

Shift Gigs

Shift Gigs are created seeking specific Positions and Qualifications. If your profile matches the Position and Qualifications required for the Shift, you will get notified as soon as new Shifts are posted – connecting you with opportunities right when they’re available.

Each Shift Gig post is created based on one or more requested skills. If you have a matching skill added to your Get Gigs worker profile, you’ll get notified as soon as new gigs are posted with those skills, connecting you with new opportunities right when they’re available.

Complete Your Worker Profile

To ensure you’re setting yourself up for the best chance to be hired, we strongly recommend you complete as many sections of your worker profile as you can. This sets your profile apart from other workers, which can help you get more gig offers.


Hiring Decisions are Made by Requesters

As a reminder, all Shift Gigs seeking workers in the Get Gigs app are posted by business requesters. If you don’t hear back about a shift that means you were not hired. Keep applying to more gigs to increase your chances of getting hired.


Get Ready to Accept your Gig Offer

Rest assured, we will send you a real-time notification to let you know if you receive a gig offer. Once you receive an offer, you have the ability to accept or reject the offer. After accepting, you will receive a notification that you’re hired for the gig! Congratulations!

Note: If you have applied to a Verified Gig, a background check and/or motor vehicle record check is required after you accept the gig. Once the check comes back clear, you will receive a notification that you are hired for the Verified Gig.

Once you’ve been hired, you’ll be able to see the specific address and arrival instructions for the Shift Gig. In addition, you have the ability to communicate directly with the requester in order to finalize any info that you need to successfully complete the gig. If you are no longer available during the shift time, please reject the gig offer so that the requester may offer the shift to someone else.


Project Gigs

Project Gigs are residential-based requests posted by individual requesters who need help at home. Once you have submitted your bid, the Project Gig will display on the Applied tab under the My Gigs screen in your navigation bar.


Finalize Project Details with the Requester 

Unlike Shift Gigs which are all completed within the Get Gigs app, Project Gigs give requesters an easy way to communicate with all workers who are interested in completing their projects. If a requester sees a worker application they like, they will contact you directly to finalize all of the details needed to complete the project. You’ll work together to determine the payment amount, payment method, and project timeline. You can choose to continue using the Get Gigs app to track your progress or take everything offline, working with the requester directly.


Job Board

The GigSmart Job Board connects you to part-time and full-time positions hiring in your area. If you see a position that interests you, you’ll apply directly to the company that is hiring. Applications can be submitted through the hiring company’s website or via a designated email address. You can apply to as many positions on the Job Board as you like, and if a company is interested in your application, they will follow up with you directly. 


We’re Helping You Find More Work 

No matter what types of opportunities interest you, Get Gigs has something for everyone. You can use the app to browse and apply to hourly Shift Gigs, residential Project Gigs, or part-time and full-time positions.

Whether it’s earning thousands of dollars every month working Shift Gigs, or connecting you to your next full-time employer, at GigSmart we love helping anyone who is looking for work find it.




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