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5 Qualities of a Great Moving Professional

GigSmart | Mar 18, 2021

It’s no secret that moving can be a dreaded event. But with help from the right moving professionals, it doesn’t have to be. Not every candidate will be a good mover, which makes weeding out under-qualified movers a crucial part of the hiring process. To help you find the best movers for your company or project, we are going to fill you in on 5 qualities of a great moving professional.


There are several types of movers, and each type may require a different skill set. For example, long distance movers must have strong logistics and planning skills that may not be as relevant for short distance movers. Also, full-service movers may regularly complete tasks that other movers are unfamiliar with. You should evaluate candidates based on the specific needs of your company- if your company specializes in long distance moves, candidates with closely-related experience may be more successful.


In a lot of instances, your candidates may come in contact with valuable items, so it’s important that movers are trustworthy. When you send your movers out on an assignment, you should be able to rest assured that they won’t steal your clients’ items.


It’s no question that moving is a difficult task that requires lifting heavy items, loading things onto the moving truck (furniture, boxes, etc.), and unloading items for hours, day in and day out. So, being physically fit is an important quality of a good mover.


Time is valuable and a good mover understands that. Being punctual means showing up on time, providing accurate time estimates, sticking to a schedule, not wasting time, and meeting agreed upon deadlines.

Customer Service Mindset

Yet another quality of a good mover is a customer service mindset. The moving industry is centered around client satisfaction, being that the purpose of hiring a mover or moving business is to reduce the stress of moving. Therefore, taking extra care to ensure that customers are happy is essential to the success of any mover or moving company. Every moving job is an opportunity to provide outstanding customer service.

Hire Movers Fast

Hiring local moving labor can be difficult if you don’t know where to find qualified candidates.

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