Don’t Let Another Day Pass With Unfilled Positions

Rich Oakes | Oct 11, 2017

I’ve been leading teams, departments, and companies for 25 years.  One of the most challenging, disruptive issues in managing organizations is an urgent same-day staffing need.  Regardless of whether the urgent need was created by unexpected absenteeism, turnover, or as a result of seasonal increases in business, an urgent staffing need can disrupt an entire organization.

Unfortunately, some labor needs can’t wait until tomorrow.  Millions of times per day across this country, managers find themselves battling with urgent same-day labor needs and, until now, the only option was to call friends and family in an attempt to find someone to fill the void.  Some managers may pull an associate off another job to complete the urgent task, but that only disrupts the productivity of the task that associate was pulled off of.  Unfortunately, when it comes to filling labor needs, we’re sourcing labor today very similarly like we did 20 years ago.  In my opinion, it’s archaic.

Whether you are hiring full-time and part-time employees, seasonal staff, contractors for temporary project work, or simply scrambling to fill positions due to absenteeism and turnover, staying fully staffed is a challenge.

 75% of companies agree it takes more time this year than last year to fill positions.

Today’s workforce is experiencing a paradigm shift from an employee workforce to an agile workforce.  An agile worker is anyone who works on a temporary contract, consultant or freelance capacity.

Today, 55 million Americans are agile workers with little interest in full-time or part-time employee positions.

39% of the current traditional workforce say they may consider shifting to agile work in the next 2-3 years.

The leading indicators are clear. In the future, many more Americans will choose to leave traditional employee roles and become agile workers participating in the gig economy.

All of these facts are exactly why GigSmart was created.

Through mobile technology, GigSmart has created a new on-demand way to help businesses identify workers who can be available within minutes. By downloading GigSmart’s Requester application, businesses will have:

  • On-demand access to temporary or contract workers who can be available remotely or at the work site within minutes
  • A fast and easy way to identify talent for the skills needed
  • The lowest cost solution for sourcing workers – 10% of the billable work hours
  • An opportunity to test drive the candidate, potentially finding your next full-time or part-time employee
  • Access to create FREE job postings for all your positions, whether it be full-time, part-time, or contract work positions

Sure, there are marketplace solutions to get businesses workers tomorrow, next week and next month.

GigSmart gets businesses workers within minutes.  The Future of Work is Here!

GigSmart’s Requester application is coming soon to both the App and Google Play store.

Written by: Rich Oakes, Executive Vice President of GigSmart

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