Get Access to More Gigs by Becoming a Verified Worker

McKenna Janzen | Nov 15, 2019

GigSmart and Checkr, a national background check provider, have partnered to offer optional worker verification for Get Gigs workers. Verified workers can make more money, build trust, and stand out from other applicants. Worker verification is completely free and gives you access to more Gigs!

To become a Verified worker, you’ll need to select your verification opt-ins which include background checks and motor vehicle record checks. These checks involve collecting and verifying your information from private and public sources.

Once complete, Verified workers can access both Verified and Unverified Gigs, making Verified workers the only workers who can apply for every available Shift Gig.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more about how you can see and apply for more Gigs by becoming a Verified worker.

The Benefits of Becoming a Verified Worker

Verification checks, like background checks, help prevent issues between workers and requesters by helping requesters understand and alleviate safety concerns regarding workers. Becoming Verified ultimately gives requesters more confidence in their choice to hire you.

Get Started with Worker Verification

To get started, you’ll need to opt-in to worker Verification.

If you haven’t already downloaded our Get Gigs app, we’ll prompt you as you create your free worker profile. If you’re already using Get Gigs, you can opt-in via the Verified Worker section of your profile.

Opting-in is free. You’ll be asked to choose your verification opt-ins: background checks and/or motor vehicle record checks. You’ll also be asked to complete the required account verification to provide us with your personal information. Background checks and motor vehicle record checks are optional, and you can opt-in to one or both types of verification:

Opt in to Worker Verification

Once you’ve selected your verification options, the verification opt-in process is complete.

Apply to and Work Verified Gigs

You’ll now see two types of Gigs in the Get Gigs app: Verified and Unverified. As a Worker who has opted into verification, you’ll be able to apply to any available Gig.

When you apply to your first verified Gig, we’ll ask you to provide your consent and your authorization to initiate your verification. You’ll even be able to request a copy of your results provided by our verification partner, Checkr.

Below we’ve outlined the screenshots as you go through the process of providing your consent and authorization after you apply to a Verified Gig:

GigSmart Verified Worker Consent

If you’re selected to work the Gig, GigSmart will run your verification. If there are no issues with your verification, you’ll be verified (usually within minutes), and hired. From this point forward, GigSmart will run monthly continuous checks to confirm your verification by ensuring no new results have been found.

If there’s an issue with your verification, a member of our team will contact you. Don’t worry, your verification results will always remain completely private (the requester will never see them), and you’ll still be able to apply to Unverified Gigs.


For more information about the specific types of public and private information Checkr sources for worker verification, what happens if you don’t receive a “clear” result, and other information, please visit the verified Workers FAQ page.

Becoming a Verified worker makes you eligible for every GigSmart Gig, giving you higher earning potential! Opt-in to verification to start your journey to becoming a Verified worker today.

Download the Get Gigs app now in the App Store or Google Play store to find available Shift Gigs you can work right now.

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