What is Smart Hire?

With the Smart Hire feature, you can rely on our proprietary technology to automatically send offers to the best-matched candidates for your Shift Gig, allowing you to relax while our system takes care of the hard work for you.

How does Smart Hire work?

Starting 72 hours before the scheduled start time of a Shift Gig, Smart Hire will automatically send out offers. The process will continue until the shift has been fully staffed or until 30 minutes before the shift start time, whichever comes first. In the case of ASAP shifts, Smart Hire will continue to make offers up to 90 minutes after the shift has been posted. You don’t need to take any action as this process takes place automatically.


Smart Hire Tiers

The Smart Hire feature operates in a tiered system to secure the most suitable workers for your Shift Gig. It first sends offers to your Favorited and Custom Group workers, followed by those who have previously worked with your organization (4 stars and above). If additional offers need to be sent, Smart Hire looks at your Shift Gig requirements and matches you with the best workers available.

If you prefer, you have the option to manually send out offers and hire workers before or during the Smart Hire process.


Smart Hire Benefits

  • Immediate ASAP Offers
    • As soon as you post your ASAP Shift Gig, Smart Hire will begin sending out offers at once and then continue to do so every 5 minutes for up to 90 minutes after posting.
  • Descheduled Shifts
    • If a worker cancels themselves off a Shift Gig, causing it to become “Descheduled” within 72 hours of the Shift Gig Start Time, Smart Hire offers will be sent out immediately to ensure that the Shift is fully staffed.
  • More control, less work than ever before
    • You have two options when it comes to hiring workers for your Shift: you can post the Shift Gig and let GigSmart’s technology hire the best-matched workers for you, or you can personally review applicants from GigSmart’s pool of over 800,000 workers and select the ones you want to work with.


Smart Hire + SMS Confirmation

Workers scheduled over 24 hours in advance of the Shift Gig start time will receive a SMS Confirmation message 24 hours before the start time. Workers have 12 hours to respond and confirm their availability for their scheduled Shift Gig. If a worker fails to respond to the SMS Confirmation within the allotted time, they will no longer be scheduled and be placed back into Offered on the Shift. The worker will still have the ability to accept the offer as long as the Shift has not already been fully filled by Smart Hire.


Smart Hire is here to deliver more convenience, control, and better outcomes at no additional cost.

Help and Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about Smart Hire, please visit our knowledge base.

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