We have updated our platform to enhance your hiring experience to make it easier than ever before to find the right Workers every time. When creating a new Shift Gig, you will be prompted to select a Position and any relevant Qualifications for the Shift. This will more accurately match you with qualified candidates that have the right experience and qualifications aligned to your specific needs.

Here’s how it works

1. Create a new Shift Gig.

2. Select the Category that your Shift Gig falls under.

a. Ex. Event Services & Entertainment









3. Secondly, select the Position you are looking to staff for your Shift under the selected Category. Note: You must select one to be able to move forward.

a. Ex. Concessions












4. Next, you will answer the question(s) regarding Travel and Delivery for your Shift.

a. If you select No, you will not have to answer any follow-up questions and can move on to the next step.








b. If you select Yes, you will be prompted with follow-up questions.












5. Next, select the Qualifications that Workers need for your Shift. You are able to select as many as needed under Licenses & Certifications, Physical Requirements, Attire, and Tools & Equipment.












6. Continue working through the rest of the steps, review, and post!












7. Start sourcing the right Workers for your Shifts ASAP.


By replacing Skills with Positions and Qualifications, you can specify more clearly the type of work and requirements that are needed for your Shift Gigs. Hire the right Workers every time with GigSmart.

Help and Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about Positions and Qualifications, please visit our knowledge base.

Contact Us

If you have additional questions about Positions and Qualifications, we want to hear from you. Please contact us directly and a member of our Staffing Support Team will follow up with you right away.