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  • Jerry D.

    I'm an independent worker seeking out opportunities to work in the gig economy.

  • Mildred B.

    Always happy to help companies and businesses in my community!

  • Paula S.

    Energetic, diligent, and detail-oriented independent worker!

  • Gary A.

    Young entrepeneur seeking opportunities to expand my skillset.

  • Danielle N.

    College student looking for jobs with a flexible schedule!

  • Ana B.

    Looking for side-jobs to help pay the bills!

  • Barbara S.

    I am recent college graduate and I'm looking for some side jobs to help me build my savings account!

  • Tony J.

    I’ve managed people for over 15 years, and would love to come help your business with any needs.

  • Annie T.

    I enjoy getting to work with people and using my skills to further their business goals.

Top Food & Hospitality Staff skills

Whether your food & hospitality staff needs are specific or generic, the right temporary food & hospitality workers are in GigSmart. Browse our sample profiles or drill into a specific food or hospitality skill set to source your next on-demand hire today.

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