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  • Victor S.

    Looking to meet new business connections and build my career exposure.

  • Celia S.

    Working my way through graduate school and looking for new opportunities to work.

  • Barbara S.

    I am recent college graduate and I'm looking for some side jobs to help me build my savings account!

  • Jason G.

    As a successful business owner, I am looking to earn some extra money helping businesses with any needs they may have.

  • John C.

    I am looking to get some gigs to help make some extra cash.

  • Domingo C.

    Happy and energetic worker here to help with any of your company needs!

  • Alex B.

    I am a hard worker looking to build my resume while finishing college.

  • Judith Y.

    Detail-oriented, professional, and motivated student looking to gain more work experience.

  • Anita H.

    Working my way through school and looking for opportunities to earn extra cash.

Top Event Staff skills

Whether your event staffing needs are specific or generic, the right temporary event workers are in GigSmart. Browse our sample profiles or drill into a specific skill set for event staff to source your next on-demand hire today.

  • Security

    Search from qualified security guard profiles to find and hire local security in your area right now.

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  • Setup/Teardown

    Search across a large pool of worker profiles to find and hire local event workers today.

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  • Photo/Video

    Search our skills database to find experienced photographers and videographers ready to work your next event.

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  • Marketing

    Experienced and professional marketers are ready to help advocate for your brand. Whether it’s staffing a user conference, representing your company at a tradeshow, or promoting your organization, we provide access to qualified marketers ready to work your next event.

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