Learn How to Tackle all of your Home Projects with the Help of Temporary Workers

McKenna Janzen | Jun 15, 2020

Summer is officially here, and so are all the seasonal household projects/chores that come with it. But instead of worrying about how you’re going to get all of the projects piling up on your todo list done, don’t sweat it, or even lift a finger. The GigSmart Get Workers app helps you find temporary workers with ease. You can save time and money with the fastest, most cost-effective way to hire extra help to complete all of your household projects, no matter how small or large.

With 180,000 workers across 3,000 unique skill sets, the GigSmart Get Workers app connects you to temporary labor, right when you need it. Our workers can complete any residential task, including home cleaning, furniture assembly, appliance maintenance, moving, mounting or wall hanging, tasks you’d hire a handyman for, home improvement or renovation projects, plumbing and electrical projects, roofing repair, gutter cleaning, landscaping, or lawn maintenance. If you have the work to be done, we have the worker to finish the job.

Read this blog to learn more about using GigSmart’s Get Workers app to find workers for any residential project. All you need to do to get started is to create your free Get Workers account and post your residential job request. In most cases, we will source you applicants within minutes, and you only ever get charged after your gig is completed.

Benefits of Sourcing Workers with GigSmart

The GigSmart Get Workers app is an on-demand app that can instantly connect you with local handymen and residential experts in your local area. Some of the benefits of using the Get Workers app to assist you in your search for and hiring qualified home improvement professionals include the following:

  • You only pay for work completed
  • Background checks are optional but can be added to give you additional peace of mind
  • You can set each worker’s hourly rate
  • You can utilize in-app messaging to discuss a candidate’s skills and experience prior to hiring them
  • Workers are managed through the app via their gig clock – their pay rate is the hourly rate you set for the amount of time they worked your gig
  • The worker is securely paid through the app – no paperwork, cash, or checks required

Use the Get Workers App to Easily Find Residential Workers

Before we dive into the step-by-step instructions, it’s important to know the Get Workers app focuses on finding you workers based off of each gig post you create. In order to receive applicants, you must create a gig post. Each gig post is categorized by the worker skills you seek – every worker with matching skills in your vicinity will be automatically notified of your gig post, which is how you’ll find great workers to work all of your gigs.

Creating a gig is easy. We recommend creating your first gig post to get a feel for how the app works. Don’t worry, if you need to change any of these details at any time, you can easily edit them, even after your gig is published.

Create a Get Workers Account

As we mentioned before, the Get Workers hiring app gives you a quick and easy way to instantly connect with qualified professionals in your local area. To get started, you need to first signup for a Get Workers account. You can do this by downloading our native apps for iOS or Android phones, or by using your web browser at getworkers.gigsmart.com.

After you setup your account, you’ll need to create a gig post (don’t worry, it’s free) to start receiving applicants for your home improvement project. The process is pretty straight forward, but if you want some extra help, don’t worry — we’ve created a helpful walkthrough to guide you through the process below:

Create a New Gig Post

From your Get Workers home screen, select the orange “Create Gig” button to get started.

Add Worker Skills

Select a Category: Workers are matched to gigs by skill. Choose a skill category or use the search bar to find related skills for your gig.

Select Skills: Once you’ve selected a category, you’ll be able to view specific skills within that category. Select up to 10 skills required for or relevant to the gig.

Review Selected Skills: Adding multiple skills increases the number of workers matched. Once you’ve added all the relevant skills, click next.

Add your Hourly Rate and the Number of Workers Needed

Add an hourly rate for your gig. This rate will be paid to each worker based on the time they work. If you aren’t sure what hourly rate to use, we recommend starting with $20.00 per hour. (The average pay rate across all workers is right in alignment with this rate, which means it will give you a good starting point to source reliable workers who are interested in working your gig.)

Once you start receiving applicants, you’ll be able to message them directly from the app which will allow you to better determine an hourly pay rate for your gig. You can always edit or update the amount after discussing with your potential workers.

Next, you’ll state the number of workers you’d like to hire for the gig. Once your hourly rate and the number of workers needed is set, you will be prompted to add your payment information.

Add Gig Location

Add your address to the location of the gig to source workers in your area. Please note: your gig address is kept fully private until you hire one or more workers for your gig. Once hired, your address will be revealed, so workers know where to go to complete your gig on your desired gig date.

Add a Gig Date

Schedule a Gig Date: Every gig in the app revolves around a gig date. You can schedule gigs up to 30 days in advance. If you don’t care about when the work is completed (or you need to coordinate with workers), we recommend choosing a date and time at least three days in advance. This will allow you to start sourcing applicants. Once you have one or more applicants, you can message workers inside of the app to confirm their availability and the estimated amount of time they need to complete the gig. Once finalized, you can edit the start date and time to align with your project or the workers’ availability.

Once you’ve selected your gig date, click “Next.”

Add Gig Start & End Time

Do You Need Workers to Start ASAP?

Yes: If your gig start date is less than an hour, the app will ask you if you need workers ASAP. If you toggle yes, the start time will be set to “As Soon As Possible.” This gives you the ability to instantly source available workers who can be onsite to complete your gig request, sometimes within the hour of posting your gig!

No: If your gig start date is today but is further out than one hour, or your gig start date is up to 30 days beyond today, you’ll be prompted to enter your gig start time and end time. Gigs can be up to 12 total hours in length. Remember the duration and the actual start date and time can always be adjusted, even after your gig post is live.

Add the Gig Information

This important step is where you’ll give potential workers all of the details they need to know in order to evaluate your gig.

Add a Gig Title: Add a title to your gig. This will be the first thing workers see, so make it as relevant as possible.

Add a Gig Description: Add more details, including what the worker should wear or bring. Provide as much information as you can to reduce the number of questions from gig applicants. If you’re flexible about when the work can be completed, you can indicate so in the description. If you’re also flexible about the hourly pay rate, you can mention that here too. 

Add Optional Gig Photos: Add relevant photos such as examples of appropriate uniforms, photos of the job site, or photos of gig equipment being provided.

Choose Your Gig Add-Ons

Choose Add-Ons: There are three different gig add-ons:

Insured Workers (Required): This required Add-On covers every worker you hire with Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI). OAI is similar to Workman’s compensation in that it covers you from potential risk should a GigSmart independent contractor be injured while working your gig. This Add-On is included at no additional cost to you!

Background Checked Workers: Add this optional Add-On if you’d like to hire background-checked workers for your gig.

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) Checked Workers: Add this add-on if you’d like to hire motor vehicle records checked workers for your gig.

Remove Add-Ons: Once added, you can remove an optional gig add-on by clicking the blue “Remove” text next to the Add-On you wish to remove.

Select How You’d Like to Find Workers for the Gig

Select a Gig Type: There are two ways to find workers. Select the method you’d like to use for your gig.

Post: Click “Post” if you want workers with matching skills to apply for your gig. As workers apply, you’ll be able to review and hire the ones you want.

Invite Only: This method works best if you’ve already completed a few gigs and are looking to invite a specific worker. Once an invited worker accepts their invitation, they will automatically be hired for your gig. The “Invite Only” is not available for gigs with gig add-ons.

Review & Edit the Gig

Review: Do all of your gig details look correct? If yes, click “Post Gig” or “Save Info” to publish your gig.

Edit: Need edits? Click the edit icon to make changes. After updating, click “Post Gig” or “Save Info” to publish your gig. You can always return to your gig, even after it’s published, to update any details if needed.

Next Steps

Your Gig is Posted: Congratulations, your gig is now live! Posted Gigs will be available for matching workers to apply to, and Invite Only Gigs will show you matching workers you can hire.

Once you receive applicants, remember you can use the in-app messaging functionality to communicate with them. We recommend using messaging applicants to discuss and finalize the gig date, start time and end time (or duration), and the payment rate. Once you find a worker you like, you can offer them the gig:

Offer: Select from your pool of candidates which workers you’d like to offer the gig. Remember to utilize the in-app messaging feature to learn more about applicants’ relevant skills and experience.

Hire: Once you offer the gig, the worker will receive a notification. They can either confirm or deny the offer. Once they confirm, congrats! You have hired your first worker through the GigSmart Get Workers app. Important: GigSmart will pre-authorize your card for the estimated total amount of the gig once the gig is within 24 hours of starting.

Managing Workers During Your Gig

Once you’ve hired one or more workers for your gig and they’ve accepted, you’ll need to manage them on the day of your actual gig. There are two ways you can pay workers based off of your residential gig post:

  1. Pay the Worker a fixed amount: If you’d like to pay your worker a flat rate, you can choose the “Pay without Timesheet” button on your gig 30 minutes before your gig start time occurs and up to 48 hours after your gig end-time passes. DO NOT start the gig worker’s clock otherwise, this option will no longer be available to you. Instead, follow the prompts after selecting “Pay without timesheet” to pay your worker a fixed amount.
  2. Use the gig clock to pay the worker your desired hourly rate for the duration they work your gig: If you’d like to pay your worker based on the amount of time it takes them to complete the gig, no problem. Once the worker arrives at your gig site and is ready to start working, select the “Start” button to initiate their gig clock. Once the worker has completed their work, you can end their gig. Along the way you can also pause their clock so that they can take a break or eat a meal. Once the gig is completed, you’ll be able to review and edit their final timesheet so that it accurately reflects the amount of time they worked. If they did a great job, you can even add additional payment in the form of a tip.

Get Workers Gets You The Residential Help You Need

Maximize your time and money by hiring temporary home improvement professionals, landscapers, cleaners, handymen, and more in the Get Workers app. Download the Get Workers app for iOS or Android, or use our web app to get started today!

We are here to help. Contact GigSmart’s support team directly with any questions.

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