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GigSmart | Nov 25, 2020

Whether you’ve been a Get Gigs user for months, or you’re brand new (welcome!), we’ve recently redesigned our app to make finding, applying to, and managing your active Shift Gigs easier. We’ve also added enhancements to help you browse and apply to full or part-time positions on our Job Board. Here’s is a walkthrough of what’s new.  

My Gigs – A new way to keep track of your Active Gigs

With an improved look-and-feel, your Get Gigs home screen is now My Gigs. This gives you an easy way to focus on what you care about most: your active Gigs. 

shift gigs

From My Gigs you can see a list of all of the hourly Shift Gigs you have applied to or are hired for. If you do not have any active Gigs, you can easily access new, available Shift Gigs or the Job Board to see full/part-time job openings near you. 

Use Browse to see all Shift Gigs and full/part-time job openings near you

The browse tab allows you to see all of your work opportunities in one place. Easily browse or search your Shift Gigs or full/part-time job posts.

Wondering what’s the difference between Shift Gigs and job board posts? Don’t worry, it’s easy.

  • Shift Gigs
    Shift Gigs are temporary, hourly Gigs posted by a business or an individual seeking skilled workers on a specific date and time. Shift Gigs can be posted ASAP or up to 30 days in advance. Shift Gigs are always managed in the Get Gigs app. You can apply for as many Shift Gigs as you like. If a hiring manager chooses to hire you, you’ll receive a Gig offer. If you accept, you’ll complete the Gig and receive your Gig payment directly to your Worker Wallet within the app.
  • Job board posts
    Positions listed under Job Posts are part-time or full-time positions posted by a business. If you’re interested in applying, you can click into a particular job post to be directed to that company’s hiring site. 

shift gigs

The Get Gigs app automatically shows you every applicable Gig or job within 75 miles of your location. Because scrolling through all of these can be overwhelming, we’ve added a way to easily search the results, helping you filter based on job titles, skills, or industries so that you can apply to the work opportunities you’re most interested in.

Manage your active Gigs 

Once you’re hired for a Shift Gig, we want to make sure it’s easy for you to access the important information related to working it. Everything you need to successfully complete your active Gig is now front-and-center in the Get Gigs app. We’ve made it easier for you to set your status (en route, arrived, start, pause etc.), track your total time worked, and see your earnings, in real-time — no matter where you browse within the app.

shift gigs

Now you can start your own Gig clock 

In the past, hiring managers had to start each worker’s clock, which wasn’t always beneficial for them (or you). Now you can start your own Gig clock.

The Get Gigs app will automatically use your location to confirm you’re onsite. Once your location is matched to the Gig Address, the app will display a Start button and you’ll be able to start your Gig clock.

We have added more tooltips to help you navigate the new experience, but as always, please reach out to our Support Team if you have any issues or feedback.

Sign up or sign into your Get Gigs account to browse and apply to your next Shift Gig, part-time job, or full-time job. We think you’ll love the new experience.

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