How To Quickly Find & Hire Local, Skilled Residential Workers

McKenna Janzen | Nov 13, 2019

We’ve all been there. Well, actually very recently, I was there. My boyfriend went downstairs to run a load of laundry and found a nice pool of standing water blocking his path to our washer. A few phone calls and several hours later, a very polite plumber was giving me some not so polite news: I needed to buy a new sewage ejector pump. Yay.

In this moment, I had become part of the $400 billion industry that is residential renovations and repairs (according to a 2019 stat from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University).

A giant (and growing) industry, homeowners have been able to spend more in this category thanks to our stronger economy and their increased homeowner equity. In fact, a recent report from CoreLogic states, “US homeowners have seen their equity increase by 5.6% year over year.” As a result, homeowners are finding more ways than ever to re-invest in the spaces they call home.

More Money, More Problems

While I didn’t exactly have sewage ejector pump on my list of dream renovations (or planned ones for that matter), more and more Americans are putting their increased equity to use on improvement projects like remodeled bathrooms, adding air conditioning, or sprucing up their home’s exterior.

With the increased spend in this industry, comes increased demand. According to the National Association of Realtors, “Not [including] the sustained and solid growth in construction jobs, residential construction employment is still below the peak pre-recession level.” Contractors and home improvement professionals are becoming inundated with work requests, lengthening lead times for larger projects, and sometimes making it difficult for homeowners to receive same-day service.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? Whether it’s a pre-planned home improvement project or an untimely emergency repair, it can be difficult to know where to start. GigSmart’s Get Workers app aims to lend a helping hand by providing one place where you can source skilled home improvement professionals who are available to help you tackle your next residential request. Read on to learn more about how you can quickly source Workers for your next residential project with our hiring app.

Tips for Hiring Your Next Home Improvement Pro

Hiring a handyman or general contractor can be a daunting task. It’s hard to know who to trust, what type of end result you’ll get, and how much these types of projects cost, especially since it’s often so dependent on the type of work you’re requesting.

To help you better navigate this journey, we’ve pulled together some general questions you should review when considering your next home improvement hire:

  • Consider the type of home improvement pro you need.
    • If you have a small project that doesn’t require much specialized expertise, start with a handyman. If your job requires something more technical and includes electrical, plumbing, or HVAC knowledge, you might consider a licensed tradesman. And if you’re job is even larger, like a full room remodel, think about hiring a general contractor.
  • Ask for estimates.
    • If you’re using the GigSmart Get Workers app, you can set your preferred hourly rate as part of your Gig. However, it’s important to also consider additional costs like materials (if applicable). Make sure you discuss the project in its entirety so you don’t run into any surprises around cost down the road.
  • Ask for references.
    • If you’re using the GigSmart Get Workers app, you can review Worker profiles to help you better understand their education, skills, work history, references, and community-sourced ratings and reviews. Any Worker who has previously completed a Gig will have ratings and reviews to help you better understand their qualifications as they relate to your Gig.
  • Ask for additional info.
    • When someone comes to work inside your home, it may be beneficial to also ask about warranties for work and insurance. Your homeowners or renters insurance may not cover work performed by contractors so it’s important to know what your personal policy provides versus the insurance they may or may not carry. Asking these questions upfront can prevent unnecessary stress should something unexpected occur.

Get Workers to the Rescue

The Get Workers app makes it easy to create a free residential Gig posting where you can start reviewing skilled applicants. To help you better understand the home improvement projects you can source from our app, I’ve pulled together some thought-starters. Did you know you can hire a residential GigSmart Worker to help with:

  • Plumbing work:
    • Install new plumbing fixtures, repair a leaky faucet, clear a clogged faucet, scope your sewer line, or install a new toilet or sink.
  • Caulking:
    • Re-caulk or newly caulk gaps between windows, doors, or siding to improve your home’s efficiency.
  • Outdoor maintenance:
    • Replace broken deck boards, apply deck sealant, clear out your home’s gutters, or improve or upgrade the front or back of your home with new sod or landscaping.
  • Home exterior repairs:
    • Patch up loose siding, missing roof shingles, apply new exterior paint, or update your trim.
  • Home interior repairs:
    • Repaint a wall, clean up scuff marks throughout your space, or repair any holes in your drywall.
  • Hanging or mounting:
    • Hang blinds, hang pictures, flatscreen TVs, mirrors, ceiling fans, or light fixtures.

Don’t see your task listed above? That’s ok. The GigSmart app matches you to Workers across 3,000+ available skills, which means we’re pretty confident you’ll be able to find skilled Workers for practically any home improvement task.

Get Started with GigSmart

With our economy boosting homeowner equity to increase consumer spending on home improvement and repair projects, we’re hoping our app makes it easy for you to find and review skilled residential Workers. You can create a free Gig post to start evaluating home improvement pros for your next housing project.

To get started, download the Get Workers app in the App Store or Google Play store today.

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