Get Workers: Streamlined In-App Reporting for Businesses (and more!)

GigSmart | Nov 25, 2020

We’ve refreshed our Get Workers app and made some impactful additions, like adding in-app reporting, to continue to ensure we meet the needs of our users. Whether you’re looking to staff a new construction project, need to hire seasonal cashiers, or are looking for help around the house, Get Workers can help. Check out what’s new and improved in Get Workers.

Streamlined in-app reporting 

If you’re a business user, we wanted to make sure you had an easy way to consolidate all of your Gig transactions. Powerful in-app reporting surfaces every payment — by Gig or by transaction — so you have a clear understanding of every charge, by worker and in summary, for every Gig you create in Business Mode in one place. 

in-app reporting

Spend less time sifting through expense reports with Get Workers Reporting. Reporting makes it easy for users in Business Mode to: 

  • See the total amount you’ve paid since you completed your first Gig
  • View your Payment Status (Pending or Complete) on every Gig
  • View your charges by Gig or by transaction to reconcile your expenses
  • Access a detailed Worker Spending Breakdown for each worker you hire on a Gig
  • Use filters to find Gigs or transactions completed by date, status, or a particular payment method
  • Export via CSV making reconciliation and reporting easier.

To check out reporting, log into your Get Workers account in Business Mode, and then select the Reporting tab from the left side of your browser, or from the dropdown in the top left menu in your mobile app.

Other usability enhancements

Whether you’re posting Gigs in Business Mode or Personal Mode, we want to make sure Get Workers helps you find the exact workers you seek. Learn more about the other enhancements we’ve recently added below:

1. Easily re-create Gigs from and existing Gig details screen

Once you’ve posted your first Gig, you can duplicate it using the Re-create Gig button.  

The re-create feature pre-populates all of the Gig details to save you the trouble of inputting repeat information. The new re-create button is now available on every active Shift Gig you have posted in your account. You can use the re-create button to spin up new Shift Gig posts, keeping what stays the same (like the skills requested or the Gig description) and updating only what you need to (like the Gig date, start time, or end time).

Perfect for companies seeking workers for repeat shifts, or residential users hiring for repeat tasks (like lawn mowing), Re-creating your Gigs is sure to be a time saver.

2. Hire smarter with applicant questionnaires

Applicant questionnaires can provide valuable and useful information to help separate the quality applicants on your Gig from the rest. Now we highlight which applicants have filled out their questionnaires, right on each applicable worker card, to help you make a more informed hiring decision.

3. Easily search through all of your workers

Sometimes you know exactly who you want to hire for a particular Gig. Maybe you’ve been messaging with them and know they’re the right fit. Or maybe you worked with them previously. No matter the reason, we wanted to make sure you could always find a specific person, no matter how many applicants, offers, or workers you have hired for your Gig. Use the added search filter to refine your results so you can connect with the right workers as it pertains to reviewing them, hiring them, or managing them on your Shift Gigs.

4. Worker’s can start their own Gig clocks 

In the past, Get Workers users had to start each worker’s Gig clock, which wasn’t always their preference. Now, workers have the ability to start their own Gig clock once they’ve arrived at the Gig site, based on their geolocation. We’ll notify you as soon as a worker has started their clock. And, rest assured, you can always review and adjust worker timesheets at the completion of every Gig.

Sign up or sign into your Get Workers account to check out the new enhancements while you fill your next shift. We think you’ll love the new experience, but as always, please reach out to our Support Team with any issues or feedback. 

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