Your Way Cafe uses Get Workers to hire restaurant workers when their catering needs fluctuate.

Texas-based Your Way Café & Catering serves up international cuisine on a rotating weekly menu. They also focus on catering to their core market in the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) area. When the pandemic began, business dropped off so rapidly, the restaurant was unfortunately forced to close three of its four catering locations.

Like other business owners facing unknowns during the pandemic, chef and owner, Steve Gaines, had to adapt his business by changing his hiring strategy. As a result, Steve was able to reopen one of his catering locations, serving over 100 meals every day to his customers which include first responders, police departments, and postal service workers. To continue operating, Your Way Café needed a reliable and affordable way to hire restaurant workers as their catering needs fluctuated.

The Challenge

Your Way Café needed a reliable and affordable way to hire back-of-house restaurant workers, especially as their catering needs fluctuated due to the pandemic.

The Results

With GigSmart’s Get Workers staffing platform, Your Way Café:

  • Saved time and resources by eliminating the burden of sourcing workers, which had previously been a challenging and expensive process.
  • Relied on Get Workers to quickly source and hire experienced, reliable back-of-house restaurant workers on short notice, oftentimes even same-day.
  • Is considering launching their food truck business with temporary workers instead of full-time employees.

Catering opportunities come and go. While most catering operations were suspended due to COVID-19, the industry is bouncing back, particularly as more people are dialing back on in-restaurant dining instead of entertaining at home. To keep up with changing order demand, Your Way Café was in need of experienced, reliable back of house workers, especially as members of their team called out sick or weren’t able to make it to work. 

After 14 years of operating Your Way Café, Steve had tried a variety of staffing resources, from Craigslist and social media to costly staffing agencies, to operate his restaurant and catering business.

When alternative staffing solutions weren’t working for Steve, he turned to GigSmart’s Get Workers platform to locate workers to fill vacant restaurant shifts. 


“When people call out sick or do not make it in for various reasons, I use GigSmart’s Get Workers app to find qualified workers on the fly.”

Steve, Chef and Owner


GigSmart’s Get Workers app provides Your Way Cafe with instant access to a robust, versatile, and pre-qualified labor pool of over 70,000 Dallas-based workers. The Get Workers app connects employers like Steve with prequalified, on-demand workers, much like a temporary agency does. However, the platform gives businesses and workers the flexibility to select who they want to work with and when.

“The best thing about Get Workers is that I can do it from my phone. The setup was fast and easy. I don’t have to deal with names, phone numbers, or background checks — GigSmart handles it all for me.” 

Steve, Chef and Owner


Since March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, GigSmart workers have completed dozens of shifts for Your Way Café, working as line servers, prep cooks, and dishwashers.

And now, Steve believes there’s even more uses for Get Workers, like launching a food truck he purchased in 2016. With the app, Steve no longer needs to source or hire full-time employees, instead he can hire workers on an as-needed basis, giving him more flexibility to test out his new service. 


“It is a scary thing to launch a new business, and I know I can’t do it by myself. Get Workers can help me launch a new business without having to hire a full-time a staff.  The app will connect me to a network of potential employees.”

Steve, Chef and Owner


With the help of GigSmart workers, Your Way Café continues to flourish, and Steve has been fortunate enough to expand his catering business, with his sights set on operating a food truck in the near-term. 

“Workers from Craigslist failed to show up, didn’t have the necessary skills, and simply didn’t work out for my business. The flexibility and affordability of GigSmart is far superior to the expense of a staffing agency.”

Steve, Chef and Owner

Positions Filled:

– Dishwashers
– Line Cooks
– Food Servers

Paid Workers:


Seconds to First Applicant:


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