Worker Spotlight: Bobby S.

  • Actor
  • Handyman
  • Mover
  • Driver
  • Cleaner

A breakdown of the Gigs Bobby S. has completed.

Bobby has completed 22 Gigs since becoming a GigSmart worker in May 2020.

Bobby was extremely unhappy and approaching burn out as a mortgage originator when he found GigSmart’s Get Gigs app. Since then he has found success working various Gigs, from installing ceiling fans to servicing car rental fleets and even acting in a short vampire film. With the GigSmart Get Gigs app, Bobby finds work across a variety of industries giving him the freedom to do what he wants, while getting paid to try new challenging things.

Bobby is the definition of a five-star hard worker and we are inspired by his story!

How did you hear about GigSmart?

I am so grateful for my girlfriend. She showed me the app, I downloaded it.

The first thing I loved about Get Gigs is how user friendly it is – I was able to sign up in minutes. I added my profile photo, background, and references and found my first job that same afternoon.

As nice as the app is, I must say the support staff, who are there to help you succeed, are even better! Truly, it’s people like Mike Fox – who call you, get a feel for what you’re about, and apply that knowledge to make a great fit for each employer and Gig worker.

What was your first Gig?

Handyman. I did light home construction work (bathroom fixture installation) and within few minutes of completing the Gig I had $170.00 in my Worker Wallet for completing a little over 3 hours of work.

What do you like about working Gigs?

Whether working for a car rental company servicing their fleet needs or handling residential projects ranging from planting flowers to installing ceiling fans to cleaning gutters, I have found that not only have the people I’ve worked for been kind and professional, but the pay is very competitive.

For me, I’m just having a good time and getting paid for it.

So far, what’s your favorite Gig?

Working as a paid actor for a short vampire film at a historic cemetery in Atlanta.

I’ve always have been told I should have been an actor, so I thought what the heck when I saw the job posting. The film will be submitted to various film festivals (just in time for Halloween) in the hopes of getting picked up as a series…watch out Buffy and your Vampire Slayers.

What’s next?

GigSmart’s Get Gigs app provides me with enough resources to stay as busy as I want, and it gives me the freedom to do what I want. It’s a great way to expand and challenge yourself. I could not have found a better vehicle to get Gigs with, and look forward to the many new adventures to come.

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