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National pizza chain franchise owner, Gani, uses Get Workers to find and hire quality pizza delivery drivers.

Gani’s franchise journey began in 2013. He is now the proud owner of three franchise pizza locations in the greater Atlanta area.

The Challenge

Faced with constant staffing needs that fluctuated on a daily basis, Gani needed a steady flow of workers to combat employee call outs and other extenuating circumstances.

The Results

With GigSmart Get Workers, Gani instantly filled open positions with talented, hourly workers at his three franchise pizza locations on short notice, even same-day.

When the pandemic hit, many restaurant brands suffered, announcing major layoffs and furloughs as a result. However, the pizza industry has flourished. “Orders are definitely up,” Gani said. “The pizza delivery segment has continued to grow in light of COVID-19 restrictions.”

With the increase in demand, Gani suffered from worker shortages. He needed workers on a daily basis; at times he was in need of same-day delivery drivers as a result of employees calling out and other extenuating circumstances.

In order to ensure he had delivery drives when needed, Gani turned to GigSmart’s Get Workers staffing platform.

“I heard about GigSmart service through another pizza franchisee owner; and I would recommend GigSmart Get Workers to other franchise owners.”

Gani M., Owner

GigSmart has helped close the ever-widening gap between pizza orders and delivery drivers. “Previously, it was hard to find temporary workers that understood our pizza delivery business needs,” Gani said. Get Workers makes it easy to spin up Shift Gig posts exactly when the need arises. With Get Workers, Gani has access to a robust, versatile, and pre-qualified labor pool, making it easy to hire local, experienced temporary workers. “GigSmart workers deliver food to our customers. They also help maintain store cleanliness standards. I’m quite pleased with their professionalism and the quality of their work outputs,” said Gani.

GigSmart workers have already completed over 55 shifts, at all three of his pizza franchise locations, helping to deliver over 900 pizzas – and counting. With the help of Get Workers and GigSmart’s support staff, Gani’s pizza stores have been able thrive — successfully sourcing and retaining GigSmart workers — even amidst a pandemic.

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Drivers hired in as little as


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Atlanta-based locations

“GigSmart is my preferred – and only – temporary worker source.”

Gani M., Owner

Get Workers

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