GigSmart Helps National Pharmacy Delivery Company Efficiently Manage Fluctuating Delivery Needs

A national pharmacy delivery company faced a significant challenge in managing daily deliveries that fluctuated on a weekly basis. Hiring permanent employees to meet the demand was inefficient as it would lead to overstaffing during slow periods and understaffing during peak times. The company needed a flexible solution that would allow them to quickly source delivery drivers on an as-needed basis.

The Challenge

The pharmacy delivery company needed to find a way to balance their daily delivery needs without over- or understaffing their employees. The company sought a solution that would allow them to quickly and efficiently source delivery drivers as needed, without hiring and training new employees every time demand spiked.


Major Cities


Paid Workers



The Solution

With the need for timely and reliable delivery services more crucial than ever, the pharmacy delivery company sought a solution to its staffing challenges. Enter GigSmart – a platform that revolutionized the company’s delivery services. With GigSmart, the company was able to source and schedule delivery drivers in real time, enabling them to scale up or down their workforce according to the demand.


The Results

Through utilizing GigSmart to source qualified delivery drivers, the national pharmacy delivery company was able to effectively manage its daily deliveries despite the ebb and flow of demand on a daily and weekly basis. With a presence in 18 different locations in 10+ major metros, the company was able to hire over 20,000 workers, resulting in a highly scalable workforce that could be quickly adjusted based on demand. As a result, the company was able to reduce its dependence on permanent employees, ultimately resulting in improved efficiency and significant cost savings.


By utilizing GigSmart, the pharmacy delivery company could effectively manage its fluctuating delivery needs and save money on staffing costs. GigSmart provided a flexible, real-time staffing solution that allowed the company to quickly ramp up or scale back its workforce based on demand.


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