GigSmart and Onfleet partner to help businesses easily source and effectively manage drivers for improved end-to-end last-mile delivery management

GigSmart, the top labor marketplace connecting businesses with local workers, has partnered with Onfleet, a last-mile delivery management software platform to create a unique integration that helps businesses looking for delivery drivers easily source, hire, and manage workers.

How does the GigSmart <> Onfleet partnership work?

If you have both a GigSmart Get Workers and an Onfleet account, you have the ability to integrate the two to create a seamless experience that combines the benefits of both platforms.

In the Get Workers platform, when you create a Travel/Delivery gig, there will be a step that asks if you’d like to use Onfleet for Delivery Management and Optimization. This is where you will click Yes and link your two accounts.

Once the two accounts are linked, the shift(s) you create in the Get Workers platform will connect directly to Onfleet. As you source drivers through the Get Workers app, the workers will automatically populate within Onfleet’s platform where you will be able to easily assign driving tasks to them. From there, you will be able to smoothly manage the shifts and pay the workers through the Get Workers platform.

Source, manage, pay, and optimize your hiring with the GigSmart <> Onfleet integration.

GigSmart and Onfleet have launched an open beta integration. Any feedback on the integration and functionality is appreciated in order to make the experience as efficient and seamless as possible. Please leave your feedback here.

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