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A national restaurant group that operates 400+ locations nationwide utilizes GigSmart for its on-demand staffing needs.

Over the years, GigSmart has become a popular solution for businesses experiencing a significant staffing shortage during peak periods. GigSmart has been able to help a restaurant group overcome its staffing challenges during the busy holiday seasons.

The Challenge

This national restaurant group operates 400+ locations nationwide, and every year during the holiday seasons, it experiences a significant spike in business. This spike creates a staffing shortage, and the business is unable to fill all available shifts, leading to reduced customer satisfaction, lost revenue, and increased stress on existing staff.




Major Holiday Seasons


Shifts Filled

The Solution

The business turned to GigSmart Get Workers, a platform that enables employers to find temporary workers on demand. They signed up for a free account and posted shifts for both front-of-house and back-of-house workers in preparation for the upcoming holiday season. Within the same day, GigSmart began to populate the company’s shift needs with a list of qualified candidates.

Using GigSmart, the company was able to fill thousands of shifts across 400+ locations successfully. The platform’s advanced matching algorithm ensured that only the most suitable candidates were presented for each shift, making the selection process faster, more efficient, and more accurate.


The Results

By partnering with GigSmart, the business successfully overcame its staffing challenges during its busiest holiday seasons. The company was able to fill shifts with qualified and experienced workers, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing staff stress, and maximizing revenue. GigSmart’s flexibility and speed also enabled the business to respond to sudden changes in demand, ensuring that all locations were adequately staffed at all times.


Overall, GigSmart proved to be a reliable and efficient solution for the business’s seasonal staffing needs. The company was impressed with the platform’s ability to deliver quality candidates quickly and efficiently, and they have continued to use GigSmart for their on-demand staffing needs.


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