Warehouse beverage distribution uses Gig Smart Get Workers to quickly scale their moving staff as seasonality, demand, or job complexity requires it.

Carried in more than 200,000 US outlets, the third-largest brand in the energy category needed more warehouse workers, and they needed them fast. To keep their distribution centers fully staffed, the organization turned to GigSmart’s managed staffing services offering.

The Challenge

With new products being developed and additional warehouse locations being added, this beverage distributor wasn’t able to find qualified warehouse labor to keep up with their explosive growth. Two Texas Operations Managers, Yordani and Corey, struggled to use the hiring solutions passed down from their corporate offices which were not located in their state. The physical distance between HQ and their distribution centers left them struggling to find qualified applicants who meshed well in their warehouses. Looking for an alternative solution, Yordani’s manager suggested they try a staffing company called GigSmart.

The Results

Juggling lots of moving pieces due to their growth, this organization’s Texas Operations Managers no longer have to worry about making sure their warehouses are fully staffed. They have more time back in their day, freeing them up to focus on making sure their operations run smoothly while keeping safety and production standards high. In addition, they’ve benefited from sourcing a small pool of quality Workers they have utilized on a repeat basis. These Workers will have an opportunity to transition to full-time hires once the managed services offering concludes.

GigSmart’s managed services offering gave this distribution company the exact solution they were looking for. With an existing labor pool of more than 37,000 warehouse Workers, GigSmart quickly found and hired Warehouse Loaders to work on behalf of the company. GigSmart’s team took care of everything from collecting the job description, desired shift times, the number of Workers requested, and the Skills required. Yordani and Corey knew there would be the right number of workers at their warehouse at the date and time they requested them. Since kicking off, GigSmart Workers have been filling multiple warehousing shifts over the past three weeks.

“We’re going through a major transition. We’re adding 14 flavors of a major SKU and we’re rapidly expanding our distribution. Because of this we always need people to help. It’s hard to find good quality workers — GigSmart provides them to us.”

Yordani, Operations Manager

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applicants sourced


Shifts filled

“GigSmart is better than other temp agencies we have used before. The Workers are good quality, and GigSmart places them as soon as we ask for them. Working with GigSmart has been good. I’m very satisfied.”

Yordani, Operations Manager

With GigSmart Get Workers, warehouse beverage distribution can:


When you need hourly warehouse workers on short notice, turn to GigSmart’s managed services offering to scale up your workforce without the unnecessary burden of adding and removing full-time staff.


Utilizing GigSmart’s staffing solution, large distributors can instantly be connected to a qualified pool of workers who have the exact skill sets they seek. In addition, GigSmart workers can be hired temporarily, and those who excel can be transitioned to permanent staff.


GigSmart takes the headache out of staffing. Warehouse and operations managers can stop worrying about the hiring process, freeing them up to do more work that matters. No more paper applications, conducting in-person interviews, or running payroll. Everything, including payment, is managed by GigSmart.

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