Senior Housing Options uses GigSmart Get Workers to quickly scale their staff as seasonality, demand, or job complexity requires it.

Senior Housing Options is a non-profit organization providing affordable, safe housing, and care for seniors who have low incomes or are disabled in Colorado. Operating since 1979, Senior Housing Options manages five assisted living properties and four affordable apartment living units for over 370 residents around the state.

Senior Housing Options currently employs 150 people, but the demand for their services is constantly growing. In need of qualified employees, with specialized certifications to continue caring for residents amidst a global pandemic, Senior Housing Options turned to GigSmart to supplement their full-time staffing needs.

The Challenge

The COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the shortage of healthcare workers in the United States. The average senior living caregiver turnover rate is 50%. Susie Stebbins, Director of HR at Senior Housing Options, experiences turnover rates of 60-70%. Unfortunately, this reality means senior living communities are continually hiring new employees to maintain the status quo.

The senior living industry needs new workers more now than perhaps ever before. In addition to finding qualified direct care staffers, Senior Housing Options also needs workers to help cook meals, clean and sanitize, keep up with property maintenance, and keep residents company.

When costly temporary staffing agencies weren’t delivering, Senior Housing Options turned to GigSmart to locate skilled workers who could help carry out their mission of providing quality care to every resident.

The Results

With the help of GigSmart, Senior Housing Options can provide quality care for their residents in all of their communities across the state of Colorado. Senior Housing Options uses the Get Workers staffing app to instantly source temporary applicants and moves workers who are interested and qualified through a two-week training program, with the goal of converting them into full-time employees.

With the help of the GigSmart Get Workers app and Staffing Support Team, Senior Housing Options is able to meet unique demands of senior care.

GigSmart’s staffing solution provides Senior Housing Options with instant access to a robust, versatile, and pre-qualified labor pool of over 3,000 Denver-based workers, including specialty workers with QMAP (Qualified Medication Administration Person) certifications.

Since November 2019, GigSmart has sourced 653 applicants to complete 200 shifts for Senior Housing Options across 23 unique positions in 8 different locations. In addition, Senior Housing Options will continue using GigSmart to staff over 20 critical positions throughout the remainder of this year


“Our GigSmart worker, Brandon, was an amazing worker. He showed up on time, ready to work, and was very dependable!”

Susie Stebbins, Director of HR, Senior Housing Options

17 sec.

seconds to first applicant


GigSmart workers sourced


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“The great thing about GigSmart is the ability to try before we buy. We have a high turnover rate because it can be a challenging environment to work in. GigSmart has helped us weed out who is there for the long haul.”

Susie Stebbins, Director of HR, Senior Housing Options

With GigSmart Get Workers, Senior housing options can:


When Senior Housing Options needs workers on short notice, they turn to GigSmart’s Get Workers app to scale up their workforce.


Utilizing GigSmart’s staffing solution, Senior Housing Options can instantly be connected to a qualified pool of workers who have the exact skill sets they seek. Qualified workers are recruited and converted to full-time employees, giving them the ability to try workers before ensuring they’re a good fit.


With so much turnover, especially for senior living communities during a pandemic, GigSmart takes the headache out of staffing. With the Get Workers app you can say goodbye to paper applications, conducting in-person interviews, and running payroll.

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