Outside the Box Moving uses GigSmart Get Workers to quickly scale their moving staff as seasonality, demand, or job complexity requires it.

When two brothers decided to start a company helping senior citizens move, they had no idea their vision would one day include residential and commercial moving services, junk removal, and storage. Established in the greater Columbus, Ohio, area, Outside the Box Moving uses the GigSmart Get Workers app to find and hire extra hands when the need arises.

The Challenge

Beyond servicing the most common moving requests, Outside the Box Moving also contracts with new residential developments to unload and install apartment appliances. The duties of the job are straightforward: meet at the apartment building, unload a truck (or trucks) full of new, wrapped appliances, and move them into individual apartments. Because the unpacking and moving requests happen irregularly, it is challenging for Outside the Box Moving to hire, retain, and schedule full-time staffers to complete every job request.

The Results

GigSmart has sourced over 300 applicants for 25 moving gigs posted by Outside the Box Moving. In addition, candidates have applied to work Outside the Box Moving gigs in as little as 17 seconds, making the connection between Outside the Box Moving and potential workers almost instant.

Outside the Box Moving found GigSmart, a staffing solution that instantly connected them with individuals interested in their moving jobs. When the demand for extra manpower arises, Outside the Box Moving uses the Get Workers app to create free gig posts from which they can review and hire temporary Workers.

“I told my friends, ‘You need to check out GigSmart, it’s a great way to get extra hands to help!’ Now, I don’t have to worry about hiring people full-time, the app allows me to hire when I need to.”

Jayson Foust, Co-Owner, Outside the Box Moving

GigSmart gives Outside the Box Moving the flexibility they need to fulfill their residential contracts without overstaffing. In addition, GigSmart’s Get Workers also gives Outside the Box Moving a new way to test temporary workers as they complete individual gigs.

17 sec.

seconds to first applicant


GigSmart workers sourced


permanent hire retained

“We keep an eye on the good workers in case there’s a good fit and we want to use them longer term.”

Jayson Foust, Co-Owner of Outside the Box Moving

With GigSmart Get Workers, Outside the Box Moving can:


When Outside the Box Moving needs extra workers on short notice, they use the GigSmart Get Workers app to scale up their workforce without the unnecessary burden of adding and removing full-time staff.


Utilizing GigSmart’s Get Workers app, Outside the Box Moving is connected to new workers who have the exact skill sets they seek, expanding their roster of qualified talent. Good workers can be invited back to work future gigs on a repeat basis.


GigSmart’s hiring platform takes the headache out of staffing. Outside the Box Moving can review and hire workers without the burden of sorting through applications, conducting interviews, and running payroll. Payment is effortlessly facilitated through the app, freeing up Outside the Box Moving to focus on what really matters — getting more work done.

Get Workers

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