Get Gigs: Quick Starter Guide

Get Gigs instantly connects you with local job opportunities – from shift work to part-time and full-time positions.

Here’s a quick starter guide on how to successfully set up your worker profile and work your first Shift Gig. For more information, head to our Get Gigs Resources Center.

Set Up Your Worker Profile

1. Introduce yourself

Smile in a clear profile picture, write a short bio, explain your qualifications, and add your relevant skills to better showcase who you are to requesters.

2. Add your work history

Give requesters a better understanding of your background so they know who they’re hiring.

3. Provide references

Give requesters more confidence by sharing contact information for people you have worked with before.

4. Add your education, training, & certifications

Differentiate yourself from other applicants by adding as much info to your profile as you can.

How to Work A Shift & Get Paid

1. Apply to your first Shift Gig

Once you have carefully reviewed the Gig description to make sure you’re qualified, tap Apply to submit your application.

2. Accept the Gig offer

As soon as you receive an offer, you have the ability to accept or reject it. Once you accept the offer, you’re hired!

3. Work the Shift Gig

Shift Gigs are managed on a Gig clock. Start your Gig clock, communicate with the Requester in app, and complete the Gig to get paid.

4. Get Paid

Once the Gig is complete, the Requester will review and approve your Timesheet, transferring your Gig earnings directly to your Worker Wallet in the Get Gigs app.

Get Gigs connects you to every available work opportunity:

Get Gigs Download

Ready for instant access to available work in your area? Download the app and complete your Worker profile to browse open gigs and jobs near you.

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