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  • Carl T.
    Cincinnati, OH

    I am ready to help with any project that is given to me.

  • Jay W.
    Cincinnati, OH

    I am looking to expand my knowledge in different industries.

  • Barbara S.
    Cincinnati, OH

    I am recent college graduate and I'm looking for some side jobs to help me build my savings account!

  • Matthew F.
    Cincinnati, OH

    I’m looking to meet some cool people and help businesses with staffing needs.

  • Graciella S.
    Cincinnati, OH

    I’m looking to help individuals and businesses with any staffing needs they might have.

  • Gregory H.
    Cincinnati, OH

    Jack-of-many-trades looking to help local companies in any way I can.

  • Marcia B.
    Cincinnati, OH

    I'm a university professor and I'm looking for some side-jobs to fill my summer break!

  • Mary E.
    Cincinnati, OH

    I am willing and able to help with any task thrown my way!

  • Victor S.
    Cincinnati, OH

    Looking to meet new business connections and build my career exposure.