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  • Marie C.
    Chicago, IL

    Highly skilled businesswoman looking to expand my professional network.

  • Jessica W.
    Chicago, IL

    Avid learner and aspiring professional looking for side-jobs.

  • Donna F.
    Chicago, IL

    I am a teacher, and I’d like to work some gigs during the summer while I’m on break.

  • Celia S.
    Chicago, IL

    Working my way through graduate school and looking for new opportunities to work.

  • Pauline J.
    Chicago, IL

    Just started graduate school and will be looking for side-jobs to pay school expenses.

  • Louis R.
    Chicago, IL

    Reliable worker with skills in many different industries.

  • Eliza P.
    Chicago, IL

    I am looking to further my professional resume.

  • Katie S.
    Chicago, IL

    I'm a senior in college and I want to work side-jobs to save up before I graduate

  • Sarah N.
    Chicago, IL

    I work at a bar during the evenings, and would love to pick up some gigs in the morning or for a few hours in the afternoon.

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