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How to Set up an Organization Profile for Your Business in Get Workers

Kelly Strain | Oct 16, 2020

Calling all business users: Are you in need of temporary workers to support your business as demand fluctuates or seasons change?

In order to hire qualified, temporary workers for your company it is important to build out a robust Organization profile to let workers know who they will be working for – especially when hiring high-demand hourly workers (like e-commerce warehouse workers as we enter peak holiday season).

As a reminder, before you can set up an Organization profile, you’ll need to first create a Get Workers account, by signing up via your web browser or downloading our native mobile apps. When setting up an account, we strongly suggest using your business email. Doing so helps our Staffing Support team better understand the company you’re representing so they can prioritize your requests to ensure you receive quality applicants for all of your upcoming Gigs.

Now, let’s set up your Organization Profile. 

Edit Organization Profile

From the main Profile screen, select “Edit Organization Profile” to provide more information about your business. We recommend adding your organization name, industry, job title, and business description at a minimum. This information will be made available to worker applicants once you start posting Gigs. With a more complete profile, you’re more likely to receive better quality applicants. The more information you provide, the more credible you are to workers.

When workers find multiple Gig postings on the app for the same position or task, they may review your Organization Profile to determine which Gig is a better fit. If you want workers to apply to your Gigs, your Organization profile gives you another opportunity to provide more information about yourself and your company, helping workers decide whether or not they should work for you. Use this space to highlight your company’s products, services, history, and mission.

organization profile

Add Your Company Logo

Once you get to the bottom of your Organization profile, you’ll see a grey box with a camera icon in it. This is where you can add your company logo. We recommend adding a photo of your logo to give workers a better understanding of who they’ll be working for. Brand recognition is helpful for workers. 

Review all the details of your Organization profile to ensure the information is accurate and select “Save Changes” once satisfied.

Congratulations, you’ve finished setting up your Organization profile. Now, it’s time to post your first Gig to start hiring temporary workers for your business. As a reminder posting a Gig is free and only takes a few minutes. To learn more about creating your first free Gig post check out this blog: How to Create a Gig in the Get Workers App.

And, of course, if you ever need any help along the way, you can always reach out to our Staffing Support Team by emailing

Happy hiring!

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