Gig Add-Ons for Background Checked Workers Now Available

Jenay Sellers | Nov 21, 2019

Most companies require some type of background check or verification in the early stages of their hiring process. By initially vetting candidates, some are excluded too early in the process, reducing the overall size of the labor pool. This can be disadvantageous to the company trying to hire.

At GigSmart, we want to make work available to everyone, regardless of their past. And, we believe the hiring power should lie with you, the business or individual looking for help; not the app or platform facilitating the process. That’s why we’ve made Worker Verification completely optional. Workers can opt-in and consent to verification, and you, the Requester, can choose whether or not to require background checks or MVR checks as Add-ons to your Gig.

To facilitate verification, we’ve partnered with Checkr, a national background check provider. Now you can hire background checked and/or motor vehicle records (MVR) checked Workers for your Gigs. You can create regular Gigs, open to all Workers on our platform, or Verified Gigs (with optional Gig Add-ons), only available to Workers who possess the required verifications.

Watch just how easy it is to create a Gig with Verified Add-Ons in this short video:


The Benefits of Hiring Verified Workers

Perhaps you work in an industry where hiring Workers who have passed a background check is a requirement. Or perhaps you’ve made a poor hiring decision in the past. No matter the circumstances, hiring Workers who have undergone verification can mitigate risk by helping you identify potential issues with your hire before they step foot in your workplace.

Add Verification Add-Ons to Your Gig

To find your next Verified Worker, you’ll need the Get Workers mobile hiring app. When you create your Gig, you’ll be able to choose Background Checks or MVR Checks as Add-ons to your Gig. Doing so means Workers will undergo a Checkr background check or MVR check as part of their application.

Currently, MVR checks are not supported in every state. To learn more about where MVR checks are available, please visit the Verified Gigs information page.

GigSmart wants to continue to provide the lowest Gig processing fees in the industry – which start at 15% for regular Gigs. Additional fees for Gig Add-Ons vary, and you can learn more about them on our Verified Gigs information page.

Hiring a Verified Worker

As Workers start to apply for your Gig, you’ll be able to review and evaluate their Verified profiles. Select the Workers you wish to hire.


For more information about the specific types of public and private information Checkr sources for Worker Verification, a detailed breakdown of the Verified Worker fees, and other details, please visit the Verified Gigs information page.

Adding Verification Add-Ons to your Gig makes the hiring process safer, helps you source higher quality candidates, and reduces misrepresentations about potential candidates. Create a Gig, choose your Add-Ons, and find your next background checked or MVR checked Worker with GigSmart Get Workers app today.

Download the Get Workers mobile app in the App store or Google Play store to find and hire Verified Workers on demand.

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