5 Things to Consider When Hiring Temporary Labor

McKenna Janzen | Dec 19, 2019

If you’re thinking about hiring temporary skilled Workers, congratulations! You’re embracing a great business decision that will save your business money while also bringing in top talent to keep your company competitive. But, there are some important decisions to make prior to pulling the trigger on hiring temporary Workers. These 5 questions will help you better prepare for taking the leap into smarter staffing.

What positions are the best fit for a Gig Worker?

One of the first things you should do when considering incorporating agile talent into your workforce solution is determine where and how they fit. For example, hiring a graphic designer on an on-demand basis can make a lot of sense as they are usually only needed on a project basis. Avoid putting a significant dent in your annual resources by leveraging them on a temporary basis, as opposed to hiring this type of resource full time.

What skills should your independent Worker possess?

Once you determine the best positions agile Workers can be used for, it’s time to decide the most important skills you’d like them to have. One useful strategy is to identify any complementary skills that will benefit the team they will be working with. Not only will this help agile Workers collaborate easily with your full-time employees, but you can experience a greater benefit by adding additional skill sets to create a more well-rounded team.

How will your business benefit from using agile Workers?

Once you’ve better identified the who, think of the various ways your business can benefit from using an agile workforce. For many businesses, the main benefit is cost. Hiring on full-time, W2 employees can be expensive, and can prevent a company from hiring the most qualified candidate in unfortunate circumstances, like if there is a misalignment of salary expectations. Incorporating agile Workers into your strategy allows you to hire skilled and experienced Workers for specific projects without the open-ended time commitment.

The ease of hiring that accompanies agile Workers is also a huge benefit when you need help, but are on a tight deadline. May apps, including GigSmart, allow you to hire, verify, and pay Workers directly through their app. This cuts out the lengthy interview process and reduces your overall burden on overhead, employee management, payroll, and paperwork. In addition, apps like GigSmart can source you background checked candidates in minutes, helping you find the best fit for your job right at your highest point of need.

How will you train your independent contractors?

Training can vary significantly depending on each agile Worker’s position. For a more in-depth, strategic position, like a C-level strategist, business analyst, or developer, it may make more sense to onboard them as if they were a W2 employee. This will help both the Worker and your business make sure they have a full understanding of your brand and your company goals. If you’re bringing on someone to cover something that doesn’t require a lot of intellectual property, former experience, or related experience, generic training is likely more than adequate.

How will you determine each Gig Worker’s pay rate?

Worker pay is almost always based on the position you are hiring for. While hiring agile Workers can significantly cut down on costs, you want to make sure you are still offering a competitive rate to attract the best talent. Using Glassdoor’s “Know Your Worth” tool is a great place to start to see what the average employee matching the position you are hiring for gets paid relative to your area.

Now that you’ve thought through how temporary Workers can help your business, it’s time to start hiring! With the GigSmart Get Workers app, you can create FREE Gig postings that allow you to find background-checked Workers within minutes. With the questions answered above and the technology literally in the palm of your hand, there’s no reason not to use GigSmart to start finding great agile Workers for your business.

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