5 Reasons You Should Be Sourcing Temp Labor with GigSmart Get Workers

McKenna Janzen | Mar 02, 2020

With so many temporary labor solutions available, it’s hard to figure out which option is best for you. At GigSmart, we try and make finding temporary Workers as easy and cost-effective as possible to make your life better. Whether you need immediate Workers or are preparing for the days or weeks ahead, we have Workers for you. If you’re ready to start hiring temporary Workers, here are the ways GigSmart will help you succeed:

Instantly Access Available Labor

Across every industry, unfilled positions, unexpected turnover, and absenteeism create an environment where companies are disappointing customers and missing deadlines. We know staffing struggles add additional stress to your job. The last thing you want to do is miss a deadline, ultimately disappointing your clients. When you feel like your back is against the wall, Gig Workers can make all the difference. Instead of overworking your current staff, supplement your team by adding temporary Workers on an as-needed basis. With GigSmart, you can create a free Get Workers Hiring Account to connect with a network of 150,000 temporary Workers instantly. They can help you complete projects on-time, especially in situations where your business’s reputation and profits are on the line.

Find Temporary Workers Immediately

Staffing agencies are slow-moving and antiquated. Filling a request for help is a process that usually takes days, not hours. However, sometimes, there are positions that need to be filled immediately. With GigSmart, you can create a free Gig posting to help you find temporary Workers right when you need them, even if that need is right now. In 2019, our average ASAP Gig posting had a Worker on-site and working within 48 minutes. That’s right; we placed Workers at job sites in less than one hour. And of course, in a not so urgent scenario, you can also create free Gig postings for shifts up to 30 days in advance, to always ensure you have the Workers you need to get the job done. 

Hire Background Checked & Insured Workers

If you haven’t yet hired a temporary Worker, we know the process can seem scary. Inviting strangers into your workplace comes with many unknowns. At GigSmart, we try to reduce that burden by giving you the ability to hire background-checked Workers for your Gigs. Requiring Worker background checks is entirely optional, as we like to let you decide whether or not this additional prerequisite is needed. (We also offer Workers with motor vehicle records (MVR) checks too.) 

In addition, we are proud to provide a One Hour Worker Guarantee for every Worker hired through our platform. This guarantee is our way of helping you feel more comfortable hiring temporary Workers with GigSmart. If a Worker arrives at your job site and you don’t think they’re a good fit, send them home within the first hour of work, and we’ll refund you for their time. 

In addition, every GigSmart Worker over 18 years of age is covered by Occupational Accident Insurance, which protects you in the unfortunate event they are injured on the job. And, every Worker who completes a GigSmart Gig is reviewed and rated by the person hiring them, giving you one additional way to assess whether or not they are a good fit for you. Together, all of these offerings are built to provide you with additional peace of mind you could never get sourcing temporary labor through other means.

The Fastest Way to Hire Temporary Staffing in the Market

Around here, we pride ourselves on saying, “You can create a free Gig post in seconds, receive applicants in minutes, and have someone working within the hour.” And we’re proud because we mean it. Other temporary hiring agencies can’t do that. From small businesses to large national companies, GigSmart clients are securing temporary Workers faster than ever before through the GigSmart Get Workers platform.

A Better Bottom Line

If all of the above still doesn’t have you convinced, there’s always the money savings consideration. GigSmart’s sourcing fees start at just 15%, which is significantly less than the standard industry fees ranging from 35% – 55%. As we mentioned, posting your first Gig costs absolutely nothing, and you’ll only ever pay for work completed. 

So, what are you waiting for? We’ve done our best to make sure there is no reason you don’t feel comfortable leveraging America’s growing pool of temporary and Gig Workers to benefit your business. 

GigSmart’s Worker pool is bigger, our platform sources Workers faster, and we are the most cost-efficient temp staffing solution on the market. To get started, create your free Get Workers hiring account today. And if you need any help getting started, our Staffing Support team is readily available to help you hire your next temporary Worker.

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