As a rapidly growing technology company providing real-time solutions to help businesses and individuals hire on-demand workers, we rely heavily on our worker community. After all, we wouldn’t be able to help our Requesters find workers if we didn’t have such a strong labor pool.

Therefore, we expect all of our Workers to be reliable, communicate efficiently, and deliver excellent quality work as part of their use of Get Gigs.

In addition, all Workers agree to the GigSmart Terms and Conditions as part of their use of our platform. These Terms and Conditions provide our Workers with clear expectations while ensuring our Requesters have access to the best workers possible.

Negative experiences can lead to removal from scheduled Gigs, restrictions from applying for future Gigs or Jobs, and potential removal from the platform.


GigSmart reserves the right to suspend or remove Workers from the Get Gigs platform. GigSmart may suspend or remove Workers in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. Some reasons a Worker may be suspended or removed are:

  • Canceling a Shift you have been hired for within 10 hours of the Shift’s start time.
  • Canceling multiple Shifts you have been hired for (regardless of how close the cancellation was to its start time).
  • Not showing up as scheduled for a Shift.
  • Inappropriate behavior while working a Shift.
  • Inappropriate communication with a Requester or GigSmart employee.
  • Receiving an average Requester rating of 3 stars or less.
  • Violations of our Terms and Conditions, this Code of Conduct, or any other policies that may be published by GigSmart.


Worker Ratings

Each time a Worker completes a Gig, the Requester (the person or business hiring the Worker) is asked to provide a rating for the Worker. Ratings are based on the following 5-star scale:

  • 5 stars: Great job! The Requester was very happy with the quality of work and will likely hire the Worker again.
  • 4 stars: Good job. The Requester is happy with the work, but did see some room for improvement. They will probably hire the Worker again.
  • 3 stars: Unsatisfactory. The Requester had an issue with reliability, timeliness, and/or quality of work. A GigSmart employee will reach out to the Worker to discuss ways to help the Worker improve.
  • 2 stars: Poor. The Requester was not happy with the quality of work and will not hire the Worker again. A GigSmart employee will reach out to the Worker to discuss ways to help the Worker improve.
  • 1 star: Unacceptable. The Requester was extremely dissatisfied with the work completed, will not hire the Worker again, and has escalated the concern to a GigSmart staffing support team member.


The Benefits of Worker Ratings

The rating and review process was created to also help our community of Workers. Requesters can review Worker cancellation rates, work experiences, and average Worker ratings when deciding which Workers to hire for their Gigs. Workers providing high-quality work will have this reflected as part of their Worker profile, helping them get hired more often, and ultimately earning them more money.



If you have any questions about the Worker Cancellation Policy, reasons for removal, or the GigSmart Rating and Review system, a member of our team would be happy to help.

Please contact us and we’ll make sure we follow up with you right away.