Worker Spotlight: Tykima C.

Tykima was born and raised in NYC. She is a full-time independent contractor who loves the flexibility of being her own boss, picking her own hours, and selecting the location of places she wants to work.

When the COVID pandemic started, Tykima struggled to go back and forth for work because she didn’t own a car. She used the first stimulus check to rent a car so she could begin completing deliveries again. With over three years of delivery experience, Tykima uses gig economy apps, like Get Gigs, to pick up delivery Gigs in her area.

Since becoming a GigSmart worker in March 2021, Tykima has completed 61 Gigs and has a 5-star worker rating.

Why did you join the gig economy?

About 5 years ago, I was injured while at my job. Unfortunately, this accident caused me to resign due to my injuries. After I recovered, it was extremely hard to find work. I turned to the gig economy as a means to make money. Becoming an independent contracter has been the best choice I’ve made thus far. 

How did you hear about GigSmart’s Get Gigs app?

I found GigSmart Get Gigs through social media. I saw a Facebook ad and was immediately interested in what Get Gigs was offering. It was easy to create an account and find Gigs available in my area. It’s easy to click on the Gig that best fits you and wait for the requester to accept your application so you can work — it’s simple and easy!

What do you like about working GigSmart Gigs?

I enjoy the flexibility. I like being able to pick the Gigs I want to work. I can choose the Gigs that fit my schedule and that don’t interfere with my full-time job.

So far, what’s your favorite Gig?

Pharmaceutical delivery driver Gigs. The Gigs are easy to apply for and the hours are amazing. The management is awesome; they are always available when you need them, and they are easy to communicate with if you have any issues. 

What’s your favorite part of the Get Gigs app?

I love GigSmart Get Gigs because it’s an amazing platform to help independent contractors to find work, and, in return, businesses can find workers for extra shifts that need to be filled. I’d definitely recommend Get Gigs. I’m actually already telling everyone I know about this platform every chance I get. It is really a great platform to find work. 

“I’ve used other apps to find work, but GigSmart Get Gigs is my favorite app by far.”

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