Worker Spotlight: Teresa S.

Teresa, a mother of three children and eight beautiful grandchildren, was formerly incarcerated. 

While in prison, Teresa took advantage of every possible program to better herself. When she left, she had earned 42 certificates for completing various programs and college courses.

Since being released, Teresa has been doing awesome things. She works full time in traffic management and uses gig economy apps, like Get Gigs, to pick up side jobs to supplement her income.

How did you hear about GigSmart’s Get Gigs app?

I was searching in the Google Play Store for temporary Gig apps when I found Get Gigs. It was amazingly simple to create my account and profile. The process went a lot faster than I expected, and I worked my first Gig within a week!

What do you like about working Gigs?

I enjoy the flexibility. I like being able to pick the Gigs I want to work. I can choose the Gigs that fit my schedule and that don’t interfere with my full-time job.

So far, what’s your favorite Gig?

Construction Gigs. They help me brush up on my extensive experience in that field of work.

What’s your favorite part of the Get Gigs app?

Get Gigs makes it so easy to communicate with who you will be working for. And I love the instant payout!

“I would like to thank the developers of Get Gigs for being so smart and creating such an awesome platform to use for temporary work.”

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