We have updated our platform to help better match you with opportunities across any industry or position.

Here’s how it works

Shift Gigs are now created seeking workers with specific Positions and Qualifications. If your profile matches the Positions and Qualifications required for the Shift, you will get notified as soon as new Shifts are posted – connecting you with opportunities right when they’re available.











This means it’s important for you to fill out your Worker Profile to the best of your ability so you can be matched with the right Shifts for you. You should select as many Positions and Qualifications that are applicable to you and your experience.

If you apply to a Shift Gig and you do not have the Position and/or Qualifications required already added to your profile, you will be prompted to answer if you are able to complete the Shift or not. If you select Yes, the Position and Qualifications will automatically be saved to your Profile and you can follow through with applying to the Shift.











If you answer No, you will be taken back to the Browse page, as you do not have the required experience to work that Shift. 

Note, adding Qualifications to your profile that you do not have may result in cancellation without pay and removal from the platform.

Positions and Qualifications will enhance and ease your experience in finding work opportunities with GigSmart!

Worker Profile Best Practices

  1. Introduce yourself
    • A great professional summary highlights your experience and qualifications, shows your personality, and makes you unique from your competitors.
  2. Add a Professional Profile Photo
    • A professional photo is important because it’s one of the first things Requesters will see and it helps build trust from the start.
  3. Add Positions
    • Notifications for Shift Gigs on the GigSmart platform are based on the Positions added to your profile. Select the Positions applicable to you so you can easily be matched with the right opportunities.
  4. Add Relevant Qualifications
    • Another great way to enhance your Worker Profile is by adding Qualifications. Qualifications include anything from Licenses & Certifications to Tools and Equipment. This is a fantastic way to stand out from your competitors and be matched with the right opportunities for you.

Help and Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about Positions and Qualifications, please visit our knowledge base

Contact Us

If you have additional questions about Positions and Qualifications, we want to hear from you. Please contact us directly and a member of our Staffing Support Team will follow up with you right away.