Travelers Haven uses Get Workers to ensure their corporate apartments are always move-in ready.

Travelers Haven is a full-service housing firm that manages every aspect of both short and long-term housing in the US. They provide modern, intuitive answers to corporate housing needs in medical, construction, and various other fields.

Seeking daily task runners to provide pre-move-in apartment walkthroughs, spot cleaning, and cable/internet installation sit-ins, Travelers Haven turned to GigSmart’s managed services offering to find and hire temporary workers to ensure their corporate housing units were move-in ready. 

The Challenge

Travelers Haven urgently needed daily temporary workers who could provide pre-move-in apartment walkthroughs, spot cleaning, and cable/internet installation sit-ins on behalf of their clients needing corporate housing through-out the United States.

The Results

With GigSmart’s Get Workers managed services staffing option, Traveler’s Haven:

  • Saved precious time and resources by eliminating the burden of sourcing workers, which had previously been a difficult and challenging process, especially in smaller markets.
  • Relied on GigSmart’s Staffing Support Team to quickly source and hire detail-oriented hourly workers on short notice, oftentimes even same-day.
  • Expanded their coverage area, identifying workers who could get their units move-in ready, no matter what part of the country they were in.

Travelers Haven offers completely customizable corporate housing in big cities and small towns nationwide. As they continue to grow and expand their coverage areas, especially as the economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, Travelers Haven is in need of daily task runners across the US who will ensure new apartments meet their quality standards.

These runners vet every corporate apartment, ensure it is professionally cleaned, and that cable and wifi services are installed as part of passing a 101-point move-in checklist.

Travelers Haven turned to GigSmart to locate skilled workers on short notice who could provide pre-move-in walkthroughs, confirm all utilities – including Wifi and cable – were set-up and working before guest arrival.


“Due to the large number of clients that we house, availability on short notice is the number one problem we face when booking temporary workers. With their large worker base, GigSmart has helped us immensely!” 

Sean, Manager of Housing Logistics


GigSmart’s managed services staffing solution provides Travelers Haven with instant access to a robust, versatile, and pre-qualified labor pool.

With managed services, GigSmart’s Staffing Support team takes the burden off of sourcing workers. GigSmart representatives utilize the Get Workers staffing app to source applicants and fill shifts on behalf of Travelers Haven. Staffing requests are shared with GigSmart and GigSmart’s team ensures qualified workers are dispatched to corporate housing sites on the date and times they’re needed.

“GigSmart runners provide pre-move-in walkthroughs of our suites, making sure they are move-in ready for our guests. Spot cleaning, cable/internet waits, and reporting housing issues are the biggest part of these tasks. When we’re able to get a GigSmart runner to a unit, they do a wonderful job.”

Sean, Manager of Housing Logistics


Within months, GigSmart has sourced 382 applicants to complete shifts for Travelers Haven across 36 unique cities coast to coast, including Fort Collins, CO, Savannah, GA, Riverside, CA, and Plymouth, MA. In addition, Travelers Haven plans to continue using GigSmart workers to expand their coverage areas and total bookings over time.

With the help of GigSmart, Travelers Haven can provide quality housing for their residents across the US. GigSmart runners test WiFi, verify cable access, and provide photo proof of working connections.

GigSmart managed services offering Travelers Haven with same-day access to skilled workers who pay attention to detail as well as a staffing option with easy billing.


Applicants Sourced


Unique Cities


Seconds to First Applicant

“Professionalism and the high effort put in by your corporate partnership team is second to none! Working with GigSmart has been a pleasure, and we look forward to expanding our partnership.”

Sean, Manager of Housing Logistics

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