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As a GigSmart user, you are eligible to earn free GigSmart gear as you complete Gigs.

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Complete Gigs and get rewarded in a few easy steps.

Create an account

To get started, create a free a Get Gigs account via your web browser or by downloading our mobile apps for iOS or Android.

Complete Gigs

Complete hourly Gigs with GigSmart. You’ll earn rewards as you complete Gigs.

Earn Rewards

Complete Gigs, earn GigSmart Rewards—like free stickers, t-shirts, hats, and more. Earn your first Reward by completing 25 Gigs!

Get GigSmart gear for free

Your Gigs add up to (really great) Rewards.


Forget stressing over what to wear each morning. A soft, stylish GigSmart t-shirt will keep you comfortably in-fashion for future days to come. As an added bonus, you’ll be instantly recognizable at future Gig sites.


Our hats off to you! This sleek, navy ball cap is a fan favorite. Quit worrying about your hair and keep the sun out of your eyes with a great-fitting, adjustable GigSmart hat.


Move over Bill Belichick, this thing has sleeves. As the days turn to night and the summers turn to winter, you’re probably going to want something to keep you warm. Look no further, we’ve got a GigSmart hoodie with your name on it.

Gift Card

Congratulations, you’re a GigStar! As a loyal user who has completed over 200 Gigs, we thought some monetary tokens of our appreciation were in order. Thanks for all of your hard work, now treat yourself to something special, on us.


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