GigSmart Referral Program Terms & Conditions

GigSmart, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to alter or end this program at any time.

Any GigSmart user (Worker or Requester) is eligible to participate in this program. Anyone referring themselves as a Requester will not be eligible for the Referral incentive. The referral program will only apply to referred new Requester accounts that subsequently complete a qualified gig(s). A qualified gig is a paid gig with a minimum duration of 5 hours and/or a minimum Worker payment of $60 or more. This offer has a 30-day limit on eligibility for obtaining the referral bonus by the referred Requester initiating and completing qualified gigs; within those 30-days after download. Once the referred Requester completes their first qualified gig, a $25 referral will be sent within 30 days of the date the gig was completed to the Worker or Requester account whose referral code was entered (i.e. the referrer). Each subsequently completed qualified gig by that Requester (within the 30-day time frame) will result in an additional $5 sent to the referrer account.

Any funds owed will be paid out to referrers at the end of each month. For any questions, please contact support at